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What's the big deal about..... celery juice? ;-)

What's the big deal about..... celery juice? ;-)

Celery juice..... I usually dislike trends mostly because they often get taken tooooo far. But there can often be a positive tidbit in the trend. ;)

And there is. Celery has potassium, vitamin k, vitamin a and vitamin c in it, amongst other things. And it helps digestion. (Sources and additional info in comments.) And if no other juices but some lemon juice are added to a celery juice, it’s low sugar/low cal.

I tried it because I am looking to hydrate with better things than coffee, which I’m suddenly too into, and I don’t love plain Jane water. 😜

While juices have good stuff in them, they can still be way full of sugar and zero to not much fiber, so if you like green juice, maybe be careful what is in the juice you consume.

While I love them when they are green and full of cayenne and ginger, I am often asking for the juice with the least sugar and told “its fruit sugar and your body recognizes it so it’s fine.” While it isn’t like high fructose corn syrup, to me, anything with sugar that spikes my sugar probably isn’t ideal. Just a guess. 😉

Definitely like drinking my green in winter because I don’t eat as mugh super green stuff as I do when the weather is warmer. 👍🏻 Not sure why a Kardashian said she thought it was gross. I mean it does taste like celery, but what do you expect? ;-)

For waaaaayyyy more expert thoughts on the celery juice trend and possible benefits, check out these articles:

Read Bulletproof’s take here.

Read on here. ;)

Even when experts may balk a bit, if it’s safe, it may be worth exploring for digestive discomfort. A friend makes her own celery juice and definitely feels it’s helped her a lot. My body is craving it and since it has some great vitamins and nutrients in it, it isn’t a bad thing. Some of the best remedies I’ve enjoyed have a lot more anecdotal evidence via Amazon reviews than scientific studies to back them up.

Still, I don’t advocate a careless, believe-anything-on-the-internet approach to health and supplementation or dietary changes. Check for research studies and ensure you check for side effects, conflicts with medication you may be taking, etc.

Want to live longer? Walk faster.

Want to live longer? Walk faster.

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