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Awesome Adaptogens: Holy Basil

Awesome Adaptogens: Holy Basil

Photo by Sujay_Govindaraj/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Sujay_Govindaraj/iStock / Getty Images

I adore holy basil. It is my perfect adatogen, at least for this over-40 life stage. ;) While I am shorter on energy than I used to be at a younger age, the energy I have seems to be getting more anxious and frantic than it used to be. Enter, holy basil. And it works so well! 

First, to review, there is a list of plants that, when consumed, actually adapt to support our bodies in the way that they need depending on the extent of the stressor and resulting health concern we are confronting. 

If you are working with the Manifest process described on the site, holy basil is a great tool to help us maintain and express peaceful, calm, content energy that helps with creation and manifestation. I find it helps prevent me from getting as thrown off track by unexpected things that come up, ensuring that I can remain focused on what I am creating. 

Per Dr. Weil’s web site, a study that compared holy basil’s anti-stress effects to those of eleuthero and Asian Ginseng (a.k.a. panax ginseng) found holy basil to have the greatest anti-stress benefits.  

According to research, holy basil may:

1.    Lower cortisol.

2.    Be Anti-inflammatory.

3.    Reduce stress and anxiety.

4.    Help fight cancers, including (according to research): skin, lung, breast, liver and stomach cancer.

5.    Improve cognitive function.

6.    Be Anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

7.    Block the histamine release from mast cells (holy basil seed oil).

8.    Protect against diabetes.

9.    Help prevent eye disorders.

Anecdotally, many people find holy basil to be helpful for restorative sleep and consume it before bed.

I put holy basil on par with eleuthero for me for its strength and recognizable results. If I can remember ;), I take it daily but would say I tend to alternate it with another favorite, ashwagandha, and end up taking it a few times a week.

Here are my favorite two brands, both liquid in capsules/gel caps. The second is standardized in more than one way and I do feel it is stronger. In either case, adhere to label instructions for consumption or even begin with less than suggested until you see if you experience any results.  

Gaia Herbs, Holy Basil, 60

Enzymatic Therapy, Holy Basil Trinity Blend, 60

Please do your own, thorough research. While it is generally regarded as safe, because holy basil can impact things such as blood sugar and possibly testosterone levels (higher dosages), you should check its safety against your personal health conditions, seeking an alternative health practitioner, and/or speak with your current doctor before trying new stuff. 

Here are some resources to help you understand how holy basil may help you along your path to wellness. 

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