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Life is what we make it, but sometimes managing a few more than a million things leaves little time for restore, rebalancing, and maintaining our relationship with ourselves, let alone for dreaming and achieving our dreams/goals.

Here you’ll find balance and health tips. Much more than this, you will have a chance to define how you’d like your life to be and leverage tools to create your best life.

No matter your age, your mistakes, or your current lengthy to do list, you’d deserve all good things in your life. And you can have them now.

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Making Friends with Your Divine Self

Making Friends with Your Divine Self

We are not our mistakes. We are love and we are always perfect. Our actions may not always express our highest selves, so we simply forgive ourselves and begin again.

We are love and our true, centered selves are our connection to our divine source/God. But, because we live on planet earth in human form ;), we are constantly separated from that state by the things going on in our lives. Reality can eat into our bliss state if we either don’t regularly practice strategies to buffer and protect ourselves from hooking into the stress of life’s curveballs. Challenging relationships, guilt over past choices, jobs, family demands, make the goal of greeting all of this as our true selves harder than we’d like.

The question is, how? How do we forgive & how do we keep coming back to a centered place? How do we stay in our bliss space nearly all the time? 

We tend to berate ourselves for our miscues because we identify too closely with them. We see our actions as a part of ourselves, and understandably so, but we are not a job, a marriage or a certain level of achievement, nor are we our failings. These are a part of our lives and they are important, but they don't measure our value and worth. 
Our highest selves are beyond all these life circumstances. We are pure love being expressed by the universe. We are made in the image and likeness of whomever we believe our creator to be. Our inner selves, our souls, are perfect. 

So, while we mess up ;), we maintain our perfect image and likeness. We can ask for forgiveness from our creator, but have also been given the power to forgive our own missteps. 

If you have already built a strong connection to your highest self and know your perfect essence, great! You are all set. If not, try this trick. 

To cut through the hours of meditation, journaling and self-evolution, get in touch a future you. Create a clear vision of your enlightened, fully-evolved self. 

For me, this me radiates love, oozes peace & and is completely content knowing the present moment holds everything I need and that I am fully support by universal forces at all times. While we've nixed hundreds of years of Buddha practice, there still remains some practice. Once you are clear on this picture of your Buddha-self, practice feeling that unending love, or deep gratitude. 

I think of it as acting like what I want in the future is actually here in the present. But really asome point, we impress our vision of our evolved selves so clearly that the universe takes notice and our evolution accelerates. 

In fact, if we can inhabit our highest selves with full feeling, it may only take hours or days for us to completely evolve into this version of ourselves. While we see practice as a long and arduous thing, the more expert our attempts the less time and practice it takes to get there. The more precisely we show the universe who we are and what we want, and the more we believe it is true right now in the present moment, the quicker the manifestation. 

Now we return to our real lives. Knowing that it is our most dominant state that gets us where we want to go, we don't let the moments when we falter to truly derail us. We greet challenges as opportunities to practice embodying our highest selves in the present moment. 

We encounter a challenging person and we meet them with divine love. We see their divine light also and recall that neither of us as the summation of our human flaws at all. 

We have that day where nothing appears easy and nothing goes according to our plan and we meet it with the hundred-year peace that took us only seconds to command. We imagine our fully evolved selves standing in our place both flying above the chaos of real life while fully commanding it with impenetrable peace. 

We are dealing with uncertainty.... Job change, relationship change, moving or a major life decision. We no longer fear. We embody our new selves and are completely filled with faith and comfort knowing the universe has our best in mind. 

For me, removing the struggle between me and my flawed self (guilt, berating myself) from the equation by imagining I'm inhabiting my divine self every time I face a very human disruption, has brought my bliss practice to a new level and expanded my bliss space, which I consider to be the amount of time I can remain in my enlightened space. 

Enjoy discovering your divine being by deciding who and what she is. Take a little time to practice being her and all else will fall into place. If it feels complicated or you have trouble accessing your bliss self, stick to love. Feel it, feed it, grow it and let it be what greets all that you meet in this very crazy real world. 

Now that I have introduced this concept, in the days ahead, I will delve more deeply into concrete strategies and quick tactics to access your inner peace regularly throughout your day. 


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