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Life is what we make it, but sometimes managing a few more than a million things leaves little time for restore, rebalancing, and maintaining our relationship with ourselves, let alone for dreaming and achieving our dreams/goals.

Here you’ll find balance and health tips. Much more than this, you will have a chance to define how you’d like your life to be and leverage tools to create your best life.

No matter your age, your mistakes, or your current lengthy to do list, you’d deserve all good things in your life. And you can have them now.

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Over feeling overwhelmed?

Over feeling overwhelmed?

We have been surrounded by a hustle mentality lately and it really does fit most stages of life. Hustle to drop the kids off and hustle to work. Hustle to work and hustle to check on aging parents. Hustle to pay the bill on time and to get to the store before it closes…

Hustling itself isn’t bad. Most things we are so busying doing on fine in and of themselves. What might need some tweaking, though, is the energy behind what we are doing.

My life has seemingly gotten pretty simple over the past few months at least. I have one child. I am only working for myself and doing flex things on my own timeline. I live in paradise and can see the ocean when I walk out of my house. (No, it isn’t right there, but it is a few minute walk away.) I have a sweet and amazing little family, great and supportive and positive friends, etc.

But I, too, fall prey to energy that gets me more of what I don’t want and less of what I’d like.

I recall watching an interview waaaaayyyy back with Barack and Michelle Obama where he described how he enjoyed washing the dishes after dinner. I will never forget it. Michelle turn to him with this look like “you are nuts” and I am pretty sure she even questioned him about it. To her, it appeared washing dishes couldn’t possibly be enjoyable. But to Barack, it was.

That, to me, sums up pretty much everything we do. The energy and feelings behind what we are doing matters as much, if not more, than the actions we are taking.

Maybe “do less” seems like an impossible task these days, but we can at the very least become aware of the feelings, and thereby the energy, behind our actions. Doing an act of service out of because we feel we should obviously creates a different experience than doing it because we want to and with a loving heart.

Slow down or hustle is the same thing if we feel guilty to relaxing and stressed by hustling. Tending to our energy behind our action is a far better way to spend our effort than forcing ourselves to do things we don’t feel like doing or dealing with a frustrating situation from a place of frustration.

Perhaps next time before we do more, we can take a few seconds of “less” and prepare our energy for the action ahead. If we create love, joy, happiness, excitement, or even simply acceptance before we engage in our next “doing”, we may find a place of inspired action where our actions take less effort and are filled with more accomplishment.

Find out more about Kate Northrup, from whom this quote came, here. And don’t miss out on her mom’s awesomeness, which you can check out for yourself here.

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