Beautycounter has meant a lot to me over the last year and more. It has given me a meaningful business at a time when I wasn't sure if I could sell anything to anyone. ;) 

After beginning my business, I soon found out that Beautycounter's mission wasn't really about selling at all, but about sharing, educating, and offering safer products to friends and to their families.

I am over 40 and, as such ;), I have friends who have had serious health scares, and I am watching way too many friends say farewell to parents in their 60s and 70s when so many of the same friends watched their grandparents live well into their 90s..... And I obsessively research health trends while trying to protect myself and my family as best I can from the toxic lifestyle we all basically grew up in. :( 

And, while I find clean living resonates with my personal goals for sure, I also want smart products that solve problems.


This winter, my daughter suddenly began reacting to the soap in the dispensers at school. She had red, itching, burning flare ups, and eventually her hands started going completely dry and cracking. I had changed our soap at home, too, from Beautycounter and soap to something natural but, to be honest, more economical. It was clearly a mistake as I watched our home soap by a well-known natural brand trigger flare ups, too. 

Me being me, I researched what may be going on inside her body that caused her first encounter with hand eczema, but, in her acute condition, I knew I had to do more. 

We switched back to Beautycounter hand soap in the house and, since it didn't at all seem convenient to send a first grader to school with her own pump soap ;), I sent her with Beautycounter One-Step MakeUp Remover Wipes -- that are waaaayyyyy more than what their name implies. The wipes are so damp and she can even make them sudsy and I have the comfort of knowing her hands are actually getting clean without any irritation at all...... During flareups we successfully ditched petroleum jelly and Aquaphor for Beautycounter's baby balm, too.  

Beautycounter raises money for cancer research, strives to reduce waste and environmental impact (the wipes mentioned about can be composted), inspires women to begin their own businesses that impact those they love, and Gregg, the Founder & CEO, is an empowering, do-it-all, authentic leader who cares about what this business and her employees immensely. 

Please contact me with product and business questions any time. If you want peace of mind and high-performing products that deliver unparalleled safety, give Beautycounter a try.