What future are you creating right now? 

We create our own lives each and every day. Things don't happen to us unless we have been residing on the "vibe" of the thing that happens. Think you are running late? You will end up late. Think your life is hard? And so it is. To put it more simply, you get what you feel. Our feelings create our energy and that changes what we draw into our lives.

Like when we wake up and the first few things we do go wrong. We wake with a headache and miss our alarm. Before we know it, we forget that most important thing and we hit traffic that makes us late for our important meeting. Our vibe is off and so our day begins that way. Suddenly, we are having "one of those days".

But why? Well, we may be able to handle one thing going wrong and stay fairly calm, but by the second thing we are less calm and by the third and fourth, we are losing our minds, our patiences, and our moods. Our energy is frustrated, angry maybe, annoyed, grumpy, frantic -- nothing positive. And we get more of the same. 

Want to know how to change that and learn how to create the life you'd like - a life that is worthy of you? 

Welcome to Soul Simple where I offer guidance on how to get from where you are to where you'd love to be. Hint. It's simpler than you think. Yet, like any great practice, it's a practice. ;)

Wherever you are on your journey today, I look forward to sharing the insights I've gained from exploring age-old philosophies and from hitting multiple rock bottoms and climbing out of them. :) 

Life is better when we have a community of people who support us as we journey back to our perfect selves. I hope to create that community for all of us as we turn inward and reconnect with what we already know, that we are meant to live in ease, happiness, and total joy, wrapped up in a whole lotta love. Welcome!