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Hi, it’s Liz. :)

Life is what we make it, but sometimes managing a few more than a million things leaves little time for restore, rebalancing, and maintaining our relationship with ourselves, let alone for dreaming and achieving our dreams/goals.

Here you’ll find balance and health tips. Much more than this, you will have a chance to define how you’d like your life to be and leverage tools to create your best life.

No matter your age, your mistakes, or your current lengthy to do list, you’d deserve all good things in your life. And you can have them now.

Xoxo, Liz

Navigating the work of those who came before me...

Navigating the work of those who came before me...

I won't spend too much time on this because it's not a fascinating topic ;), but I would like to touch on it. ;) I have read quite a lot of books on the topic of manifestation, also known as the Law of Attraction. I have read the books written about 100 hundred years ago in odd and outdated language ;), and modernized versions. I've gone from the simplistic, overview provided in "The Secret" to Dr. Wayne Dyer's really thorough and long translations. (I adore him, consider him my spiritual dad, but he was always a bit too longwinded for me. ;) ) I have listened to Esther Hicks, Oprah Winfrey, Shawn Achor, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne, et al. speak in front of live audiences..... I have read Gabrielle Bernstein's iteration of "A Course in Miracles", a text I have yet to get all the way through. I have even spent time with Bill Harris' Holosync (which I really liked and believe I benefitted from). I mean I even phoned in to get a course following a radio commercial. I got CDs and a workbook and completed the whole darn thing... And even that furthered me on my path, (but it wasn't as efficient as other methods I would encounter later ;) ). 

I went through yoga teacher training primarily because of philosophical curiosities and self-exploration. I have meditated almost daily for 8 years. I have done breath work, mindfulness and loving kindness meditations. I've maintained a daily gratitude practice for at least a decade.

Photo by Marcin Wiklik/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Marcin Wiklik/iStock / Getty Images

And I will add a reference section to the site with a ton of resources - or at least the ones I have used or stumbled upon...

But I've also gone the other route. I have met with doctors and received diagnoses of various and assorted things ;) like: Hashimoto's; chronic fatigue syndrome; fibromyalgia; depression; anxiety; chronic systemic candida; post-traumatic stress disorder; postpartum depression (with suicidal thoughts); anxiety; food sensitivities; chronic conjunctivitis ;)..... What else? High cholesterol even though I've spent much of my life eating vegan.... Elevated glucose. Infertility.... You get the point. 

I wanted to provide some context of what I have spent more than a decade learning about and studying and why I have explored the topics of both personal development and manifestation, as well as functional medicine and natural healing. 

In the beginning, my searches were born of necessity. I was unwell and exhausted and struggling and I couldn't find solutions through conventional means. 

Yet, over time, I grew to become fascinated and passionate about all of these self-empowering paths. I found reassurance that there were more resources than just what I had grown up accustomed to, and more philosophies, too. I would even sit in church feeling something moving, while listening to words that seemed almost meaningless... 

I have come to believe that I have been attuned to vibrational energy, the energy that keeps us all here along with each living thing around us, from an early age. Whether rightly or wrongly, this innate understanding of, resonance with, and susceptibility to, universal energy was labeled and judged from an early age. I see now that I couldn't understand quite what was going on yet and neither could those around me. Using whatever paradigm they understood, I was defined and not understood. 

And that mattered to me when I was younger, struggling and searching, but now I know so much more and this journey has given me my life's purpose, to share these timeless and transcendent principles in my own voice for whomever they resonate with. I really feel like I am becoming a vehicle to spread the ideas that have been around for centuries, that we are worthy of greatness, happiness, love, and prosperity and that we all can access what we seek equally once we know how to reach it.

I look forward to sharing what was shared with me by such wise and generous souls. I really do hope you can leave your resistance behind to at least begin to dream of the infinite possibilities conscious creation holds for you -- and for this planet. 

Light and love to you always. 

1. The Basics: Manifesting through the Law of Attraction, ultimate accountability & ultimate self

1. The Basics: Manifesting through the Law of Attraction, ultimate accountability & ultimate self