Create Your Perfect Life


What if you were in charge of everything that happened in your life?.......

It may be hard to believe at first, that we can control almost everything, like 98% of what happens in our lives. We may get stuck looking at what is in our lives - a.k.a. what is happening to us - and deny we created it. But we didn't know any better. We may not have picked the actual events in our lives, but they were an energetic match to the fear, nervousness, frantic, frustrated energy we were dishing out.

Whatever we spend the most time feeling, we end up creating, at some level.

We don't need to worry about every little thought and feeling because every little feeling doesn't create, but the strong and more persistent our feeling, the more we are bringing things to us that match our feeling.

I rejected this whole concept the first, second, third ;) time I heard it. But there was something about it that resonated when I first discovered it via the amazing Wayne Dyer over a dozen years ago. I remember listening to him speak and a smile came over me and I couldn't stop smiling. it was like somewhere in me, it sounded right and familiar.... in an intuitive sort of way. And that smile still overcomes me when I have the "right" thought or listen to something that truly makes sense, not to my logical, problem-solving, analytical self, but to my best self... my divine self. 

Albert Einstein got it, too. He said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." What we think and feel matters. If we think about it, it even makes some sense logically. When we are looking forward to a night out with our friends, we are sure it will be fun. Our assumption that we will enjoy ourselves leads us to see the nice time as it happens. If we are really nervous about our child's first day at a new school, when we ask how her day was and she tells us three good things and two bad ones, we will definitely spend a bit more time thinking of the bad things that she mentioned over the good ones. 

I have a friend who has been wanting to move. But she can't make the final decision to do it. I can tell when she is in a phase where she wants to move because she starts finding problems with where she lives. The traffic has just gotten worse and worse. Her house has too many things that need to be fixed. And I can easily tell when she is happy where she is. She is thankful to live by the beach. She buys some new pillows for her couch. She makes plans for summer cookouts. On another note, what is she attracting to her? Her perfect new house? A smooth sale of her current house? Fixing up her house because she sees herself staying there for years and years? The answer is, none of the above. What she is sending out are mixed signals and so her results are mixed and nothing about her situation has changed at all. ;)

More often than not, we really find what we are looking for. And, more often than not, we are totally unaware of what we are looking for. We may set out some goals and even have a mantra about them, but what do we do, think and feel each day when we aren't consciously setting our goal or saying our mantra? Visualization is helpful, true, but we can't sit and visualize all day long. If we want to run a marathon and throughout the day we are thinking maybe we don't really want to run all those miles (I know I don't. ;) ) or we wonder if our knees will hold up, are we bringing ourselves closer to our goal?

Many people, spiritual, business, and religious leaders, and those of us who were like you, seeking answers to alleviate what felt stuck in our minds, lives, and bodies, have repeatedly outlined similar principles about co-creation with the universe. They may have named the steps differently, spoken of God or Source or the Universe - or simply energy - but there is definite and demonstrable commonality in all of the ancient and current approaches that discuss manifesting what we want. For example, if we were to believe the Bible and believe that we are created in the image and likeness of God, then we have creative powers in our micro world and an impact on the world as a whole. 

And I will in no way claim I have perfected the practice of consciously creating my life. But I have read a lot of principles and listening to a lot of audiobooks on these subjects and it clearly, consistently, and SIMPLY comes down to this: dream, believe, receive.

Is it really that simple? Honestly, it is. Yet there are roadblocks that we, human beings versus spiritual beings, create - usually without knowing it - that can slow down our creation process a bit. But have no fear. ;) If you check out the "Manifest" section, I will be sharing what I have read and learned through practice so that you can identify potential self-created blocks that are keeping your dreams from manifesting and I will offer suggestions on how to move beyond them. 

You do not have to prove you are worthy of your greatest dream. You don't have to justify your need for your what is in your field of vision.

You already deserve all greatness that is consistent with your highest self, meaning anything you can dream of that in no way harms another.

Please know that the principles are actually simple and unbiased. Whatever you would like to see in your life, you can create with the right tools and some practice. And without perfection. ;) 

So move on over to the Manifest Blog (when I get it up and running ;-) ) and let's start connecting you with your highest self, your true nature, so that you may understand that everything you want is already here for you.