the ultimate mantra

Do you know that feeling when the right thing comes at the right time? When you’ve temporarily lost sight of your unique purpose and then get smacked on the head with that insight that brings everything back into perfect focus?? 

Lately, while processing my latest evolution, I did the thing that throws me off the most. I spent too little time centering. So when I was presenting with everyone else’s thoughts, visions, goals, I forgot my own.

Then, this giant reminder of a more articulate purpose than even I could articulate came at exactly the right time. 

Here’s hoping this is exactly the thing you needed at the exact time you needed it, too. ✨✨✨

shopping with a conscience 

I am offering toxin-free natural and organic products through two great companies, Beautycounter and Neal’s Yard Remedies (UK brand). 

Beautycounter offers skin & body care products for women, men, kids & babies, including cleansers, shampoo, conditioner, natural sunscreen, makeup, etc. The main reason this vibes so much with me is that the company’s founders are actively pursuing greater regulations to ban toxic ingredients in beauty and personal care products. They have excluded 150 harmful ingredients from their products and the products are still effective and indulgent. Check them out here

Neal’s Yard Remedies, a U.K. brand, has an extensive line of really awesome skincare for women and men, but they also offer aromatherapy/ essential oils and supplements. They don’t test products on animals, have environmentally kind packaging, and use many organic and wild ingredients. Because the EU has banned way more harmful ingredients in products than the US, the “natural” claim is legit. They sell kits with travel-sized products making their stuff easy to try and gift. 🙂 

Feel free to follow my Soul Simple Beauty page on Facebook, or catch my Soul Simple Instagram feed @soulsimpleblog which is full of encouraging stuff, with a little sales thrown in. Let me know if you have product questions or want to sign up to sell and get a discount. 🙂 

I feel like this whole approach to having your own little business has grown tons since the old candle parties way back when, and I am excited to represent such consciously and value-driven companies.

stay authentic 

It’s amazing to see so many awesome people doing and creating incredible things. It can be easy to get caught up with what everyone else is doing in any area of your life. 

Comparison makes me confused. The holiday race is stressful. The most valuable thing we can do this time of year is ditch the to do list and make time to stay centered.

Do what you do. Let the real you shine thru. Is it great to get inspiration? Of course. But don’t let the glam get you off your game. ✨✨✨ 

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listen to yourself

I did a total mom thing at the end of last week and of course it jumped up and hit me today, a not-so-gentle reminder to look within and not out there for answers.

My sweet girl was getting sick. We do a lot. And we do too much at times. We miss sleep, get super tired and end up crashing with the sickies. 

Now that I think on it, I did two total mom things.

So when it was clear to me that she was getting run down, instead of trusting my intuition and keeping her home from school, I sent her anyway. Twice. 

It wasn’t that I sent her that was the mistake, it’s why I sent her that had me shaking my head at myself a few days later. 

I didn’t send her to school fussy because I didn’t know it meant she was getting sick. I didn’t send her because I had a lot of work today. No important meeting or big deadline. I actually sent her because I thought about how few times her friends had been out sick, how I’d seen other parents send their children to school looking tired and runny-nosed. 

In my half-assed attempt to compare, of course I never compared her busy schedule, lost sleep and extra fun. I simply compared a perception of what the other families were doing. 

On top of that, we had packed tons of fun into the previous weeks mostly because when we do a lot we do A LOT, but also because I was actually comparing once more. I saw people we knew who looked like they were doing a ton and their children seemed fine, hadn’t missed school from what I could tell and didn’t seem to be melting down in the least.

Blah, blah, blah.

So when all signs pointed to sick on Thursday & Friday, I compared, we felt short, so I ignore my instinct to keep her home and sent her to school anyway. 

Sunday came, the day before the school Halloween parade & carnival, and my daughter came down with the biggest cold she’d had in years. And, I’d been subconsciously trying to keep up by over-scheduling and ignoring my tried and true mommy instincts to keep her home *before* she got super sick. 

Clearly I’d forgotten to honor my daughter and myself. I’d pushed her and raised expectations when clearly what she needed was comfort & rest. And, I had decided I was falling short of some fake mommy standard I’d created in my head. 

So all of this self-reflection is meant to give you the moral of the story before you make the mistakes I did. So:

1. Do what’s best for you and not what works for some made-up super family that doesn’t even exist. 

2. Don’t look outside for answers when you have all the wisdom within and the tool to access it, your intuition.

Here’s your reminder. Your welcome. 😉 ✨✨✨

don’t let your judgements define someone

It is human nature to have catty thoughts about someone. You may perceive someone as better than you or wealthier or prettier or more together. Your ego feels inferior, so in your mind a voice starts finding flaws in the other person. 

I understand completely that, as Dr. Wayne Dyer says, if we do not like our thought we may pick another off the endless conveyor belt of thoughts. The thing is, this isn’t something we can really do every second of every day. The thoughts are incessant and I have long chased them, but have found that being selective about that process is a more efficient strategy. 

The real deal with judgement is not to let it become the truth for you or for anyone else. Even judging others as having the perfect life sets us up for creating separation between us and others, and separation is never a good thing. Learning that thoughts are not facts, that they are not always true, is a valuable lesson to remember. 

Everyone carries a story. Everyone knows pain and sadness, loss and love. We’ve all made mistakes and had amazing successes. Every one of us is strong and deserving of a chance, and, often, a second chance. 

When we do human things like judge others, the only true mistake is to think that our perceptions are the sum total of who this person is and then to act according to our narrow view. 

Next time you are caught up in the musings of your threatened ego, don’t judge yourself. Pause. Give yourself time to recenter. Remind yourself that the compassion and connection you seek is what the other person longs for also. 

when joy is not your default setting 

I have always been serious. That’s probably why ballet was perfect for me and so were AP classes. It’s why I could sit and read and study without complaint, why soul searching became a singular quest for me for a decade. 

Yet I also think it’s part of the reason struggle seemed so normal to me. Why I thought things needed to be wrestled with, analyzed, completely and utterly dissected and figured out. 

In my natural seriousness, I found ease totally incongruent. Joy was not my default setting, and as such, for an extremely long time, it felt like wearing a glove in the wrong hand.

Learning to trust happiness and things that felt easy took time. Even now, while an have worked through any feelings of unworthiness, it’s still a bit unnatural for me to relax into the good stuff.

On my soul search, I’ve repeatedly been reminded of the creative power of joy and ease as an intuitive guide. When we feel in flow, things flow. 😉 When we block ourselves with separation or fear or anger, things begin to unravel. Yet, I still have to consciously remind myself that happiness is not a selfish thing to pursue.

If this resonates with you, unlearning struggle is a practice, but an easy one. When something feels difficult, pause and be sure it is something you have to do or if you can choose a path more in flow with your inner peace. When faced with decisions, ask yourself which choice will bring the most joy. Follow that path until it begins to feel like your natural state because it is. ✨✨

a journey of surrender

*This is a personal story, clearly, but I feel like it shares a larger lesson that may resonate. My daughter is turning six soon. We struggled to have her in quite a few ways, miscarriage, failed fertility (ivf) treatments, her born in distress and not breathing. Recently we’ve been on a 9-month journey to become foster parents and it is continuing to drag on, begging questions of when to push on and when to let go….*

Each year I get really emotional around Lily’s birthday and I write a story about where we are in our journey together. This year’s reflection is huge for me. I’ve long wanted to understand surrender and my lesson is here. 

I’ve written before about the journey to have Lily, so I won’t go through that one again. 😉 Yet there is one thing that still sticks out about that experience. No matter what we did, she never came before I let go… I didn’t give up my effort to have her, but I did give up my need to control the outcome of our attempts to conceive. 

I remember that moment of surrender quite clearly now, and realize I already know what surrender is. I remember my readiness to let go of our outcome was clear. I wasn’t holding onto hope anymore, or bracing for grief, or gripping the process with a tight fist. It was clear that it was time to release my hopes to a higher power. I was content in knowing I had done my part and ready to walk away from the biggest dream I’d ever had in my life, the dream to have a child. 

I’ve long struggled with when to take charge and when to let go, but now I see it differently. Through faith we are given the chance to surrender all the time. With faith we realize we don’t need to hold on so tightly, to force things, to grind. If we have a feeling of a loving something supporting us no matter what, if we trust in God or the universe or whatever it is, we don’t have to do our work alone. 

For almost a year we have been on another journey and I’m at a point where it requires I disconnect with the outcome again, and that I’m content with the effort. More than that, I have to admit that the gap between what I want and what I can actually create in my life really does exist sometimes. And sometimes, we have to let go in order to receive what we really wanted all along.

This year my little girl is no longer little. When I carry her, I don’t feel like I will get to do it for that much longer. While part of me wants to hold onto what has been, all those powerful years of being her sun & moon, I know that I have to let her go now. I know she is ready. 

I don’t really know what happens now when she can do so many things for herself, by herself. I don’t know how to take the back seat to her friends and her Shopkins. I know she still needs me, but I also know she is ready to find her own path.

And for all the amazing lessons being her mom has taught me, surrender may be the most life-changing yet. 

Got allergies? Get relief 


I’ve had allergies for as long as I can remember. And people who don’t have them don’t realize how exhausting and distracting they can be…. twice a year…. for months at a time. 

I used to have success with conventional stuff but I never loved taking it. I naturally evolved my diet into one that didn’t encourage gunk (no dairy, choc, coffee, fries, flour, meat, etc) but I still had it daily. 

Sulfur has vastly improved my general congestion, but, for me, the histamine thing just hasn’t quit.

Until now. 

First, I’ll run thru some products I’ve tried that I like, and then I’ll talk about the one that’s extinguished my seasonal nightmare entirely. (Reminder: Doctor? No. Person with chronic health challenges? Here! 😉

⭐️  XLEAR: Like a soothing bath for your nose. 😉 Xylitol has anti-inflammatory properties, and I can actually feel relief when I used this. Honestly, while more of a natural girl, I like the relief of Flonase sometimes, that “Ahhh, I can actually breathe!” feeling. I get that from XClear. Move over, Flonase. You’ve been replaced by something much healthier. 😉

⭐️  BioAllers Sinus & Allergy: If you are looking for something localized with “medicine” in it, this is an awesome start. I’ve had a lot of luck with this when things are acute & I want to breathe. 😉 This homeopathic solution may be worth a shot when you don’t want to ingest anything, but would rather gets the helpful stuff directly where it needs to go.

Now for my favorite and the one that’s helped me the most. It’s was actually the answer to my plea for one thing that would completely solve my allergy problems. It has. 

⭐️  Gaia Herbs Turmeric Allergy: Ahhhmazing relief. Complete relief from inflammation to itches, from runny eyes to post-nasal drip. Caution to those pregnant or trying to get pregnant: Nettle and maybe turmeric too, aren’t good for ya. Also, there are side effects other than spicy gastro ones. 😉 There’s a great rundown here

So now turmeric’s superpowers go beyond inflammation, diabetes, arthritis, anti-NAC & cholesterol to include allergies too!

Hope this helps! 💕

got stress? stop, drop, adapt

 My discovery of adaptogens has been extremely restorative for adrenal burnout, which may be trendy, but is a real thing tied to cortisol levels, which rise and fall due to stress. And, if we aren’t stressed by any big life stuff, we are likely still stressed by toxins, toxin information, overstimulation and negativity. 

I think of the adaptogens as full-body, healing tonic that smooths things out when life’s endless demands have created imbalance. These are what I turn to when I haven’t slept enough and feel scattered, am cycling between too high and too low, or I’ve been sick for awhile. Really, they are great to take everyday and potentially a multivitamin for acute stress, as well as the cumulative affects of stress as we get older.

According to Dr. Frank Lipman:

Adaptogens are a unique group of herbal ingredients used to improve the health of your adrenal system, the system that’s in charge of managing your body’s hormonal response to stress. They help strengthen the body’s response to stress and enhance its ability to cope with anxiety and fight fatigue – slowly and gently, without jolts or crashes. They’re called adaptogens because of their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to your body’s specific needs. Though the effects may initially be subtle and take time to make themselves felt, they’re real and undeniable.

Adaptogens balance things out. They work on normalizing cortisol and other hormones. Because the support the adrenal gland not only to they support mental health, they even out hormonal responses to stress so that it has less of a physical impact. What’s even better is that adaptogens change how they support your body based on your bodies specific needs. 

Adaptogens include: 

  • Eleuthro
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Holy Basil
  • Asian Ginseng
  • Schizandra

For me, ashwagandha has been life & thyroid changing. It provides me with stress relief and ends the crash caused by the affects of extreme stress. Along with rhodiola it helps me skip being anxious, revved up & filled with the jittery exhaustion that lack of sleep can cause. Often lack of sleep and stress go hand-in-hand whether you are dealing with a big life change or a sick child who keeps waking you up for nights in a row, it gets hard to calm and concentrate. Studies have shown the usefulness of each of these adaptogens in the stress & sleep arena. I’ve listen some studies at the end of the post. 

According to Gaia Herbs, holy basil is a better option than ashwagandha when your imbalance is deeper. Personally, I’ve found holy basil useful in this perimenopause-meets-pms phase that I seem to be entering. 😉 

If your burned out, it isn’t just an expression. Here is more information on adaptogens, a useful, natural safe tool to bring your body and mind back into balance.  

Please note that some advise caution for use of ashwagandha and holy basil for those with thyroid conditions. Some consider them herbs that balance thyroid disorders over time, but at least one study shows that they drive up thyroid activity. Holy basil can also impact blood sugar. Be informed, be advised and seek both inner and outside advice as needed. 

Overviews of Adaptogens:

Dr. Frank Lipman Talks Adaptogens

Medicine Hunter on Adaptogens

Adaptogens Studies: 

Ashwagandha Study

Rhodiola Study

Holy Basil Studies
This site is for informational purposes only and is not suitable for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your professional healthcare providers. It is your responsibility to research the accuracy, completeness & usefulness of all opinions and information on this site. This site contains information from internal and external sources.

the practice of happiness 

It’s hard to feel good when you feel bad. It’s not easy to keep from venting when you had a really cruddy day. It almost seems inhuman or like a lie to say you feel well when your throat is so sore you can hardly speak. The discipline of happiness, a real happiness that you can manifest your dreams from, is truly a practice. 
We practice yoga, train for that half-marathon, prepare for a new baby or go back to school to study for a new career, but how much do we train our minds for peace throughout all of life’s demands? How many days go by without a clear vision or intent to experience completeness? There is no when I get that job or that relationship or finally end the fertility saga and have that baby that will make anything but a temporary happiness. In fact, the pressure we end up putting on externals to complete us means inevitably they won’t live up to our lofty expectations. The lasting stuff that transcends external situations? That, well, it takes discipline. 
If we were able to put as much time into our energetic space as we put into our jobs or families, we might progress faster, but then thing about euphoric living is that it has to work within real life. If we create enough space in our lives, clear out enough toxic people, leave this boss and get a less demanding job, even separate from a significant other, we are living in what alive come to think of as “The Bachelor” syndrome. Anyone can fall is love with hours of free time to do whatever you want, no one to be in conflict with, but then we’d be alone and probably not living up to our own goals. To get a vacation state of mind all the time, we gotta practice. 
Practice what? Practice happiness. Know how to maintain all kinds of relationships without getting drained by them. Apply a self-love and self-compassion that doesn’t take a seven-day juice fast, a spa day or a girl’s weekend. Yes we’d like that too but practical, quick, easily integrated skills to keep our happiness 90% of the day? Now that would really be useful, wouldn’t it? 
So how do we do it? How do we train for happiness? How do we practice flow so well that we can manifest things in our lives quickly and easily? 
Here’s a start:

  1. You Get What You Are: Your first job is always you. I know this job is never actually complete, but without it some momentum, all you will see in your life is more of what you already have. Your life is a reflection of your self-love. Your self-love is the only way to access true love and compassion for others. Without clearing out all your insecurity, guilt, jealousies and disparaging thoughts. So when the mind gunk comes up, talk to it, bathe it in love, put wings on it and send it on its way. That’s what works for me. Ignoring it and re-centering yourself on a positive, loving works really well too. With practice, you will find what works best for you. Keep at it. The more you adore you, the easier everything else will be.
  2. Stop Venting: If we want more happiness, why would we focus on what’s frustrating us? If we want more positive relationships, why would be complain about our kids or nitpick our friend’s everyone word? It doesn’t make much sense, does it? The more we vent, the more we send out negative vibes for the universe to reflect back to us. Sure, sometimes we’ve got to get it out, but in this case, less is more.

I’ll continue practicing these right along with ya, and share more ideas very soon! 
And namaste to the ever-inspiring, Wayne Dyer, whose gone on to serve on a much higher plane. Sharing his wisdom and how I’ve used it in my life is a source of joy for me. 🙏🏻