the ultimate mantra

Do you know that feeling when the right thing comes at the right time? When you’ve temporarily lost sight of your unique purpose and then get smacked on the head with that insight that brings everything back into perfect focus?? 

Lately, while processing my latest evolution, I did the thing that throws me off the most. I spent too little time centering. So when I was presenting with everyone else’s thoughts, visions, goals, I forgot my own.

Then, this giant reminder of a more articulate purpose than even I could articulate came at exactly the right time. 

Here’s hoping this is exactly the thing you needed at the exact time you needed it, too. ✨✨✨

morning mantras

Here’s what came up in my meditation today. Hope they resonate & uplift you this AM….. 💕

I am creating my perfect life.

I am embracing happiness as my natural state.

I am focused on my goals and know they are already my reality.

I am content knowing the universe supports me in whatever I do.

I am deserving of big dreams that uplift myself and others.

I am an ever-changing being who cultivates new energetic states that create balance in my mind & body. 

8 things I know about you

I’ve been giving myself constant pep talks lately. I’ve asked, if not me then who? I’ve told myself over and over to own my power. I’ve reminded myself that God is within me, and that I am the entire universe. I’ve meditated to invoke my highest good. And this – THIS – is what I know for sure. If we can’t shower our very own selves with oodles of adoration, then we are holding back some part of our light. If we can’t love ourselves so fully that we believe all the kind words received by others & ourselves, then we’ve blocked our greatness from lighting up the world, and it is each of us in our complete lightness that will truly change our world for the better.

Ok. Now that I’ve gotten down from my soapbox ;), here is your “ten things I know about you” pep talk:

  • You are just as worthy as those who already have what you want.
  • Your divinity is real and it is worth sharing with the world.
  • You are enough and you always have been.
  • You have gifts of greatness in you. You deserve to share them. 
  • Your mistakes are no worse than anyone else’s. Let yourself off the hook. You are worthy of forgiveness.
  • You are ready to shift your focus from your flaws to your perfection.
  • You are here to change the world by changing yours.
  • You love yourself fully and completely. Everything else is a fallacy. 

Now go forth and love yourself. You are more than the sum of your human faults. ✨✨

morning mantras 

I need some today & here’s what came during my meditation….

I am the creator of my life. 

I am following my intuition at all times.

I am cultivating presence to foster genuine connections in my life.

I am leading with love knowing at any time in my day I may begin again and return to love. 

I am feeling joy and ease knowing the universe is guiding me in the right direction.

I am connected to everything I see. 

Go forth a be led on a purposeful journey today. 💕

how to restore connection in relationships

I recently had an encounter with a friend where she told me how something I was doing in the friendship was not working for her. I was sick and dealing with a fussy kid that day and in need of a restorative time and instead of my needs being met even part way, I was asked to put her feelings first at a time when I felt stretched thin.

At first it was hard. She started listing grievances and I wasn’t hurt or defensive, I was more just annoyed. I always feel strongly that what we focus on in relationships is a choice. We can all point out flaws, annoyances, offenses, but I often feel this only makes others feel unappreciated and not good enough. When I feel myself reciting a list of grievances, I switch to a list of things to be thankful for, the things that have been done rather than undone.
But, I was being asked for something different. I was being given the opportunity to honor the fact that my friend was bothered and didn’t feel honored in some way. My job was to listen and reflect my understanding. I was being asked for full presence. What I thought of the situation was something I could figure out later. 

It was tough, but necessary. I was sick and tired and impatient at first. But I wanted her to see that I heard her, that her light was being honored. I worked to put my own things aside, reassure her that I was still going to be present even after our discussion and that things were alright. I was given the opportunity to serve.

What I thought about it, dealing with my feelings and choosing what I wanted to do with the relationship would come later. 
And later, I was confused as to what to do so I waited. It isn’t that I’ve ever been afraid of conflict, it’s that separation has always felt wrong. Even when I’ve decided to end a friendship, I’ve wanted to do some with a lot of love in mind. 😉 
If I decided this friendship was no longer serving me, I could make peace with that, but how could I do something like that in the most loving and respectful way possible? 

I waited for a sign. 

The sign came while listening to the latest audiobook by Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back. She spoke words that set me free, words that resonates with my spirit. She said, to paraphrase, meet this person again for the first time. The words filled me with love. 

Could I really hit reset on the whole entire thing? For me, the answer was yes. 
Resetting my perspective freed me instantly and accelerated healing. Quickly, I was able to regain and loving, joy-filled energy and project that into the relationship. It set her at ease, too. 
Now this doesn’t mean all relationships are meant to be saved, but it does mean that if we walk away, we can walk away with love. 

Next time you hit a bump in a relationship, try two things:
Focus on the positive. Express gratitude for what is in the relationship instead of what isn’t. 

Meet the person again for the first time. Marianne Williamson calls it something like Jesus meeting Jesus. For yogis, it’s a namaste thing put into practice off the mat. 

When you need guidance, ask for it. Then await the answer. It always comes. ✨✨

morning mantras

My morning affirmations:

  • I am choosing love in all my actions & relationships.
  • I am sharing peace with myself and others.
  • I am extending compassion to myself and others.
  • I am nourishing my energy, ensuring its positive and kind.
  • I am sure that the universe supports me in all areas of my life.
  • I am filled with the belief that my thoughts create my life. I choose them consciously.

May your day be filled with greatness. ✨💕

the key to positive change

Acceptance is a hard thing sometimes… most times. 😉 How do we accept something we don’t like, like loss or broken hearts? How do we accept health challenges or body pain when deep down our infinite wisdom is telling us this isn’t right and we deserve to be well, too? 

There’s a trick. There’s a trick to accepting even the things you hate the most. 

But first why? Why should we challenge ourselves to accept our present condition like we’d actually chosen it? Why does this matter so much?

First, without acceptance we can’t move forward. Plain and simply. And, the longer we fight acceptance, the longer it will take to grieve and heal, whether in a big or small way. 

Second, until we accept what is, our heads and hearts won’t be clear. Without a clear head, we really can’t make any trustworthy decisions. 

So here’s the key. When we fully accept things exactly the way they are, they immediately change. Even more than that, most often, when we accept them fully, they change into what we wanted anyway. Worst case? Our acceptance frees us to move on and it frees us up for whatever comes next. 

So the trick is, accept it knowing that it will work to your advantage, that it’s your act of acceptance that brings you closer to what you want. 
The next time you are resisting something you can’t seem to change, try this:

  1. Try to accept something you are resisting (and remind yourself that you don’t actually have to accept it for real – a little reverse psychology. 😉
  2. Create a mantra to fill your mind when the topic comes up, like I fully accept X exactly the way it is in this moment. (And no other moments. 😉
  3. Offer complete acceptance to the universe knowing that you aren’t saying you like what’s going on or agree with it, but that you aren’t accepting things to neutralize the energy that’s holding you back. 

If we want to change things, we have to neutralize our resistance through acceptance. Only thru acceptance can a lasting & constructive change take place.