winter’s coming….

In my house, two out of three of us have been fighting lots of bugs lately. The third one of us is an avid vitamin C consumer. Avid. Daily. 

You get it. 😉

Here’s the latest scoop on vitamins C & D for colds & flus. 

Vitamin D3 – the 3 is key 😉 – helps prevent you from catching a cold or flu.

Vitamin C lessens the length of your illness.

Both of these also help prevent different cancers. Vitamin D also helps prevent heart disease, type two diabetes & depression of course. Both C&D increase dopamine, the motivation part of anti-depressant, and D also boosts serotonin helping depression and improving sleep.

So, we know I’m not a doctor, and you are your best researcher, too. The safest fairly high dose for both is 2000 IU, but read up reliable sources and you may decide you feel comfortable having more, especially when it comes to vitamin D deficiency. 

Just like we need vitamin C & D3 to withstand winter’s ups & downs, our skin needs a little love too.

Cold weather bringing your skin down? Try out Neal’s Yard Remedies nourishing orange flower collection. 🍊

Soothing skincare, plus about 2000 IU of C & D a day, and this could be our healthiest cold & flu winter yet. 😉 

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using the power of visualization to realize your goal

naturalness? what’s that??

I love Wayne Dyer. I have for years. He’s my perfect guru and my connection to universal creative energy. 

In one of his awesome books, he talks about the concept of “naturalness,” meaning our dreams manifest when we believe & feel, and the dream feels natural. 

The process of turning dreams into reality pro idea the opportunity to clear all obstacles to success, doubts, biases, fears. If you imagine living your goal now, if you envision the reality of it and feel blocked from the goal feeling natural, you have an opportunity to clear another obstacle.

I don’t really believe that we need to bring up, hash out & resolve all our areas of resistance, doubt and fears. Unless it’s really huge, when we experience a feeling like our goal is hard to believe, all we really need to do is make time to cultivate naturalness.

So how do we cultivate naturalness? Here are some ideas:

Visualize it. Take time at least once or twice a day to meditate on your goals. Setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier creates time before your busy day, bedtime is an amazingly useful time to cultivate the naturalness of your goals. Stating your goal is great, but we are seeking the emotions that having your goal brings. So steer away from wanting or wishing and feel the confidence, happiness, knowingness, the belief you are already what you seek. Meditating on and visual and emotional image of how it will be when your goal is achieved not only helps to stay focused, it helps you see the opportunities that will get you where you want to be. 

Push through doubt. The more you switch a doubt to a faithful affirmation that your dream is a reality, the sooner you will create a habit of believing in the naturalness of your goal. What in your life do you believe is true without a doubt? Believe you are a great friend? That belief evolved through concrete examples and became a fact in your mind, a fact you no longer question. Now, we are speeding up the process and believing based on imagined evidence, but with work this practice will feel true and become your reality. Be your own cheerleader and friend. Encourage and affirm. All day. Every day.

Feel joy. The biggest part of creating and attracting your goal without frantically chasing it is joy. Have fun. It keeps you relaxed and happy. And increases feelings of love. This energy is super useful and effective. 

Take action. Sometimes the biggest obstacle we have to feeling the feelings of being there already is that we haven’t even begun. Don’t wait for the perfect plan, strategy or time. Begin. Once you start, it’s easier to feel the final destination is a reality. We can learn as we go, implement new strategies anytime. Once we begin, our imagination has more to work with.

Take time to practice feeling your goal as a present fact until it feels natural. The more often you practice and the sooner you connect with the feelings surrounding what you seek, the sooner you will make it your happy present. ✨✨✨

and now, a shop :) 

I’ve taken the plunge to begin working for myself. For a very long time, I have put positive and uplifting graphics and posts on FB, IG & my blog. I have done it because I am passionate about the power of love, kindness & connection to change lives and uplift our world, a world that could use quite the hug lately. I have always felt odd about the for profit idea, one that comes way more naturally to the bold millennials who have inspired me.

While I also plan to generate enough blog traffic to host advertising, produce an ebook, and become a self-published and published author, I am offering organic skincare, aromatherapy and supplements because it is so completely consistent with my dozen-year passion for organics, alternative medicine & self-care. I have been researching and using supplements & oils for more than a decade as a complement to my daily meditation, gratitude, happiness-cultivating & kindness practices. 

So far my blog has been a loving expression of my complete faith in positive psychology and our power to energetically create the outcome of our lives. Missing has been my ability share my passion for health & wellness options that seem outside of current mainstream medicine. I have been reluctant to share these things because I am not a doctor or any kind of trained practitioner. But, I realize that my passion to uplift would be under-explored without sharing my other knowledge & experience. I will explore health & wellness more on my blog, and have chosen products I believe support my values and faith in alternative healing. 

In the next week or so, I am switching blog platforms and fleshing out how to integrate my business, and its inherent business opportunities, into my site. But in the meantime, I am moving forward with my “announcement.” I am offering Neal’s Yard Remedies, natural and organic health and beauty products, including organic skincare plus supplements & aromatherapy, as well as doTerra because of my firm belief in the power of aromatherapy and my personal, incessant use of oils, both externally and internally. 

Check out the links via the new Shop tab,

Wish me luck. 🙂 ✨✨✨

3 things about fear

Fear, and it’s first cousin doubt, waste a lot of our time. The can block us from beginning something new, delay growth and create anxiety. Obviously I’m not talking about fear as a result of an actual threat here. I’m talking the mind-trick kind of fear. Here are three facts about fear:

1. Fear is simply resistance to change. It isn’t a judgement on whether the change is good or bad. With that said, the bigger the change, likely, the greater the fear.

2. While it’s accompanied by nervous tummies, sweaty palms or even extra adrenaline, fear is no greater an emotion than any other. Meaning, although it likes to act important, it really isn’t. It’s carries as much weight as love and happiness and no more.

3. Fear is energy. Imagine if we didn’t attach any meaning to fear. It would simply be an energetic state like excitement or joy. If we clue into the energy and out of the thoughts or importance we place on fear, we might realize it isn’t as show-stopping as it seems.

Coming soon, what to do when fears take over. In the meantime, imagine what your life would look and feel like without fear. Pretty nice, huh? ✨✨✨ 

8 things I know about you

I’ve been giving myself constant pep talks lately. I’ve asked, if not me then who? I’ve told myself over and over to own my power. I’ve reminded myself that God is within me, and that I am the entire universe. I’ve meditated to invoke my highest good. And this – THIS – is what I know for sure. If we can’t shower our very own selves with oodles of adoration, then we are holding back some part of our light. If we can’t love ourselves so fully that we believe all the kind words received by others & ourselves, then we’ve blocked our greatness from lighting up the world, and it is each of us in our complete lightness that will truly change our world for the better.

Ok. Now that I’ve gotten down from my soapbox ;), here is your “ten things I know about you” pep talk:

  • You are just as worthy as those who already have what you want.
  • Your divinity is real and it is worth sharing with the world.
  • You are enough and you always have been.
  • You have gifts of greatness in you. You deserve to share them. 
  • Your mistakes are no worse than anyone else’s. Let yourself off the hook. You are worthy of forgiveness.
  • You are ready to shift your focus from your flaws to your perfection.
  • You are here to change the world by changing yours.
  • You love yourself fully and completely. Everything else is a fallacy. 

Now go forth and love yourself. You are more than the sum of your human faults. ✨✨

What to do when our ego takes it personally

We are human so we take things personally. We feel hurt or threatened and we reflexively fight back. We insult the other person to make ourselves feel better. We insult ourselves to confirm our flaws. Although it’s a very automatic & human response, it doesn’t need to be consuming or spread like wildfire, damaging our relationships. 

When someone says something that hurts our feelings, it means we’ve even given them too much power over us, or we care about their opinion of us and their words carry more weight and a greater ability to impact us – positively or negatively. 

When you’ve taken another’s words personally, try these tips:

  1. Don’t vent too much. A little venting often feels required, and that’s normal. Too much venting? Not so good. If we vent too much, we are more likely to insult the other person back in an effort to validate our hurt feeling. We also continue putting our energy into a negative pursuit, which begets more negative energy. Keep it short and sweet. Keep breathing. The less we stir the pot, the sooner we can move on.
  2. Don’t respond right away. When we’re hurt and we have our back, we want to defend ourselves, share our side of the story. This is a great sign. But, hitting pause allows us to calm down, choose what, if anything, we want to say and how we’d like to respond. Take time to calm down, as long as it takes. By setting a timer or giving it 24 hours, you give yourself the power you feel you lost, the power to have greater control over the outcome of the situation.
  3. Choose your battles. Self-explanatory, right? By expecting another person to handle every situation perfectly, we create unreasonable expectations for both the other person and for ourselves. When we expect perfection from others and get slighted every time they fall short, we getting higher and higher on our own horse, feigning superiority. The pressure we put on both sides dooms us to relationship failure. Make sure you really need to be upset or speak up before you actually do. 

Next time your ego gets overexcited, hit pause and get control back. Taking the ego out of the driver’s seat may be the only way to truly engage in more fulfilling relationships. ✨✨✨

don’t let your judgements define someone

It is human nature to have catty thoughts about someone. You may perceive someone as better than you or wealthier or prettier or more together. Your ego feels inferior, so in your mind a voice starts finding flaws in the other person. 

I understand completely that, as Dr. Wayne Dyer says, if we do not like our thought we may pick another off the endless conveyor belt of thoughts. The thing is, this isn’t something we can really do every second of every day. The thoughts are incessant and I have long chased them, but have found that being selective about that process is a more efficient strategy. 

The real deal with judgement is not to let it become the truth for you or for anyone else. Even judging others as having the perfect life sets us up for creating separation between us and others, and separation is never a good thing. Learning that thoughts are not facts, that they are not always true, is a valuable lesson to remember. 

Everyone carries a story. Everyone knows pain and sadness, loss and love. We’ve all made mistakes and had amazing successes. Every one of us is strong and deserving of a chance, and, often, a second chance. 

When we do human things like judge others, the only true mistake is to think that our perceptions are the sum total of who this person is and then to act according to our narrow view. 

Next time you are caught up in the musings of your threatened ego, don’t judge yourself. Pause. Give yourself time to recenter. Remind yourself that the compassion and connection you seek is what the other person longs for also. 

morning mantras 

I need some today & here’s what came during my meditation….

I am the creator of my life. 

I am following my intuition at all times.

I am cultivating presence to foster genuine connections in my life.

I am leading with love knowing at any time in my day I may begin again and return to love. 

I am feeling joy and ease knowing the universe is guiding me in the right direction.

I am connected to everything I see. 

Go forth a be led on a purposeful journey today. 💕

how to restore connection in relationships

I recently had an encounter with a friend where she told me how something I was doing in the friendship was not working for her. I was sick and dealing with a fussy kid that day and in need of a restorative time and instead of my needs being met even part way, I was asked to put her feelings first at a time when I felt stretched thin.

At first it was hard. She started listing grievances and I wasn’t hurt or defensive, I was more just annoyed. I always feel strongly that what we focus on in relationships is a choice. We can all point out flaws, annoyances, offenses, but I often feel this only makes others feel unappreciated and not good enough. When I feel myself reciting a list of grievances, I switch to a list of things to be thankful for, the things that have been done rather than undone.
But, I was being asked for something different. I was being given the opportunity to honor the fact that my friend was bothered and didn’t feel honored in some way. My job was to listen and reflect my understanding. I was being asked for full presence. What I thought of the situation was something I could figure out later. 

It was tough, but necessary. I was sick and tired and impatient at first. But I wanted her to see that I heard her, that her light was being honored. I worked to put my own things aside, reassure her that I was still going to be present even after our discussion and that things were alright. I was given the opportunity to serve.

What I thought about it, dealing with my feelings and choosing what I wanted to do with the relationship would come later. 
And later, I was confused as to what to do so I waited. It isn’t that I’ve ever been afraid of conflict, it’s that separation has always felt wrong. Even when I’ve decided to end a friendship, I’ve wanted to do some with a lot of love in mind. 😉 
If I decided this friendship was no longer serving me, I could make peace with that, but how could I do something like that in the most loving and respectful way possible? 

I waited for a sign. 

The sign came while listening to the latest audiobook by Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back. She spoke words that set me free, words that resonates with my spirit. She said, to paraphrase, meet this person again for the first time. The words filled me with love. 

Could I really hit reset on the whole entire thing? For me, the answer was yes. 
Resetting my perspective freed me instantly and accelerated healing. Quickly, I was able to regain and loving, joy-filled energy and project that into the relationship. It set her at ease, too. 
Now this doesn’t mean all relationships are meant to be saved, but it does mean that if we walk away, we can walk away with love. 

Next time you hit a bump in a relationship, try two things:
Focus on the positive. Express gratitude for what is in the relationship instead of what isn’t. 

Meet the person again for the first time. Marianne Williamson calls it something like Jesus meeting Jesus. For yogis, it’s a namaste thing put into practice off the mat. 

When you need guidance, ask for it. Then await the answer. It always comes. ✨✨

remaining centered in a rattled world

We are not our mistakes. We are love and we are always perfect. Our actions may not express our highest selves, so we simply forgive ourselves and begin again.

We are love, but are constantly separated from that state by things going on in our lives. Reality can eat into our bliss state: challenging relationships, guilt over past choices, jobs, family demands. The goal is to greet it all in an enlightened state. 

The question is, how? How do we forgive & how do we keep coming back to a centered place? How do we stay in our bliss space nearly all the time? 

We tend to berate ourselves for our miscues because we identify too closely with them. We see our actions as a part of ourselves, and understandably so, but we are not a job, a marriage or a certain level of achievement, nor are we our failings. These are a part of our lives and they are important, but they don’t measure our value and worth. 

Our highest selves are beyond all these life circumstances. We are pure love being expressed by the universe. We are made in the image and likeness of whomever we believe our creator to be. Our inner selves, our souls, are perfect. 

So while we mess up, we maintain our perfect image and likeness. We can ask for forgiveness from our creator, but have also been given the power to forgive our own missteps. 

If you have already built a strong connection to your highest self and know your perfect essence, great! You are all set. If not, try this trick. 

To cut through the hours of meditation, journaling and self-evolution, get in touch a future you. Create a clear vision of your enlightened, fully-evolved self. 

For me, this me radiates love, oozes peace & and is completely content knowing the present moment holds everything I need and that I am fully support by universal forces at all times. While we’ve nixed hundreds of years of Buddha practice, there still remains some practice. Once you are clear on this picture of your Buddha-self, practice feeling that unending love, or deep gratitude. (Sometimes we can’t connect with the feelings of inner calm, and that’s ok. We may need some other support. Try this post for some ideas.) 

I think of it as acting like what I want in the future is actually here in the present. But really at some point, we impress our vision of our evolved selves so clearly that the universe takes notice and our evolution accelerates. 

In fact, if we can inhabit our highest selves with full feeling, it may only take hours or days for us to completely evolve into this version of ourselves. While we see practice as a long and arduous thing, the more expert our attempts the less time and practice it takes to get there. The more clearly we’ve told the universe who we are, and the more we believe it is true right now in the present moment, the quicker the manifestation. 

Now we return to our real lives. Knowing that it is our most dominant state that gets us where we want to go, we don’t let the moments when we falter to truly derail us. We greet challenges as opportunities to practice embodying our highest selves in the present moment. 

We encounter a challenging person and we meet them with divine love. We see their divine light also and recall that neither of us as the summation of our human flaws at all. 

We have that day where nothing appears easy and nothing goes according to our plan and we meet it with the hundred-year peace that took us only seconds to command. We imagine our fully evolved selves standing in our place both flying above the chaos of real life while fully commanding it with impenetrable peace. 

We are dealing with uncertainty…. Job change, relationship change, moving or a major life decision. We no longer fear. We embody our new selves and are completely filled with faith and comfort knowing the universe has our best in mind. 

For me, removing the struggle between me and my flawed self (guilt, berating myself) from the equation by imagining I’m inhabiting my divine self every time I face a very human disruption, has brought my bliss practice to a new level and expanded my bliss space, which I consider to be the amount of time I can remain in my enlightened space. 

Enjoy discovering your divine being by deciding who and what she is. Take a little time to practice being her and all else will fall into place. If it feels complicated or you have trouble accessing your bliss self, stick to love. Feel it, feed it, grow it and let it be what greets all that you meet in this very crazy real world. 

Love and light to you for a blissed day. ✨✨✨