the ultimate mantra

Do you know that feeling when the right thing comes at the right time? When you’ve temporarily lost sight of your unique purpose and then get smacked on the head with that insight that brings everything back into perfect focus?? 

Lately, while processing my latest evolution, I did the thing that throws me off the most. I spent too little time centering. So when I was presenting with everyone else’s thoughts, visions, goals, I forgot my own.

Then, this giant reminder of a more articulate purpose than even I could articulate came at exactly the right time. 

Here’s hoping this is exactly the thing you needed at the exact time you needed it, too. ✨✨✨

the glass is full

It is far too easy to focus on what you still haven’t finished or haven’t achieved. 

But much  healthier to stop & appreciate how far you’ve come. 

Make a list of all you have done lately. Make the list in your head, or, better yet, on paper so you can read it when ya need a pick-me-up. 
While you’re at it, write yourself a pep talk & a love letter too. 🙂 ✨✨

practicing the art of authenticity 

When we’re young we follow. We follow directions, siblings, friends and parents. When we finally emerge and begin to wonder what we want and what we think, it can be quite a shock that we don’t really have much of a clue who we are. On the surface we know, but are these what we actually believe, or are they other people’s ideas about us that we came to believe we’re true? 

Growing up, everyone told me I was creative. I loved to write stories, but it was figuring out the plot and planning the story that I enjoyed more than finding the exact words and flowery descriptions. I believed that I was creative so deeply,mint impacted the activities I chose, my college major, my first internship and first post-college job. When I finally found myself doing technical writing and market research for work, I finally really enjoyed what I was doing. I also realized how plan-obsessive I was and how little patience I had for anything but efficiency. Getting in touch with a new and authentic part of me was liberating. 

At any age, it’s worthwhile to check in on what we believe about ourselves not only to see whether or not it is authentic to us, but also to see whether or not it’s what we want anymore. Here are some ideas on how to best manage honing in on your true self and staying focused on it thru life’s copious distractions:

  • Ask yourself some questions: What do I want? What do I spend most of my time reading, doing & thinking about – other than my to do list ;)? Looking beyond milestones like birth of a child, marriage, graduation, what are the top 3-5 happiest times in your life? Consider who you were with, where you were and what you were doing. 💕
  • Assess your priorities: Run through each area of your life, work, family, friends, hobbies, free time. Estimate the percentage of time placed on each. Now write down the percentage you wish you were able to spend on each category. This is your list of priorities. Now ask yourself what you can do to shift your time accordingly. You may not be able to change things entirely now, but think creatively and ambitiously. It may be more realistic than you think. 💕
  • Manage your time & your thoughts: So obviously this is how any changes truly happen. And it can be hard to focus when we are crazy busy. If you’ve written down your priorities, look at them at least once a day. Check in with yourself a few times a day, even set an alarm. Ask yourself what you want time for and what can wait until later. Remember which tasks are easy to do and quick. What can you do in line at the store? What takes the most energy and is best done in the morning? Create mantras and reminders to center your thoughts on your new priorities. Soon enough, you’ll have created new habits and begun new plans. 💕

If you exercise or meditate, this is obviously a great time to revisit your true self. If you are stuck in traffic or in the carpool line, it’s just as effective. Either way, stopping even for a minute to consider how authentic the life you’re living is is already a worthwhile accomplishment. ✨✨✨

morning mantras 

I need some today & here’s what came during my meditation….

I am the creator of my life. 

I am following my intuition at all times.

I am cultivating presence to foster genuine connections in my life.

I am leading with love knowing at any time in my day I may begin again and return to love. 

I am feeling joy and ease knowing the universe is guiding me in the right direction.

I am connected to everything I see. 

Go forth a be led on a purposeful journey today. 💕

power of presence

I haven’t woken up early and meditated in a couple of mornings because I haven’t felt well. I opened @gabbybernstein ‘s latest book, #theuniversehasyourback to a random page and immediately read a reminder on the power of presence. There are many ways to tune into our energy and many reasons why. It’s the difference between a productive day and a blah one, the chance to connect in a relationship or leave longing for connection. More than this, our energy creates everything in our lives. Cultivating it is never a waste of time. ✨✨ #spiritjunkie

beginning a self-love practice 

When was the last time you told yourself that you love you? 

When was the last time you thanked yourself for all your hard work?

When was the last time you looked back and stood in awe of how far you’ve come? 

While it may seem silly, the things you tell others? Tell them to yourself. We all love hearing words of appreciation, compliments. It feels great. It fills us up. Doing this for ourselves does several totally important things. 

  • It reminds us we can look inside to find fulfillment rather than depending on others to recognize our efforts.
  • It fosters our self-love, which is not a selfish, self-absorbed or indulgent thing at all. Feeling love for ourselves frees us from using others’ flaws to pump ourselves up, or using their successes to feed feelings of inadequacy – only then to have to compensate for feeling inadequate. 😉 
  • It makes us feel good and valued and can be done whenever we feel discouraged or doubtful. 

At first this practice may be very awkward. If we’ve fed the critical parent in our heads too much, we may hear a lot of backlash when we begin bestowing compliments and gratitude on ourselves. Endure this resistance and keep practicing. An unconditional self-love is the only foundation on which we can build lasting peace and bliss throughout our lives for real. 

When we begin to reach a new level of awareness and really hear the voice inside us that’s full of self-doubt and fear, it can be overwhelming. But there’s no need to arm wrestle with your thoughts. Instead, pick three or more times a day when you will commit to a self-love practice. My favorites are in line at the store, when I’m stuck in traffic and before bed. 

It won’t be long before you begin to develop a nurturing relationship with yourself instead of a critical one. When this happens, you will begin to know a peace that comforts you no matter what you are facing. Try it. Better yet, look yourself in the eye in the mirror and try it. 😉 Of all the people in the world, you deserve your love most of all. ✨✨

remaining centered in a rattled world

We are not our mistakes. We are love and we are always perfect. Our actions may not express our highest selves, so we simply forgive ourselves and begin again.

We are love, but are constantly separated from that state by things going on in our lives. Reality can eat into our bliss state: challenging relationships, guilt over past choices, jobs, family demands. The goal is to greet it all in an enlightened state. 

The question is, how? How do we forgive & how do we keep coming back to a centered place? How do we stay in our bliss space nearly all the time? 

We tend to berate ourselves for our miscues because we identify too closely with them. We see our actions as a part of ourselves, and understandably so, but we are not a job, a marriage or a certain level of achievement, nor are we our failings. These are a part of our lives and they are important, but they don’t measure our value and worth. 

Our highest selves are beyond all these life circumstances. We are pure love being expressed by the universe. We are made in the image and likeness of whomever we believe our creator to be. Our inner selves, our souls, are perfect. 

So while we mess up, we maintain our perfect image and likeness. We can ask for forgiveness from our creator, but have also been given the power to forgive our own missteps. 

If you have already built a strong connection to your highest self and know your perfect essence, great! You are all set. If not, try this trick. 

To cut through the hours of meditation, journaling and self-evolution, get in touch a future you. Create a clear vision of your enlightened, fully-evolved self. 

For me, this me radiates love, oozes peace & and is completely content knowing the present moment holds everything I need and that I am fully support by universal forces at all times. While we’ve nixed hundreds of years of Buddha practice, there still remains some practice. Once you are clear on this picture of your Buddha-self, practice feeling that unending love, or deep gratitude. (Sometimes we can’t connect with the feelings of inner calm, and that’s ok. We may need some other support. Try this post for some ideas.) 

I think of it as acting like what I want in the future is actually here in the present. But really at some point, we impress our vision of our evolved selves so clearly that the universe takes notice and our evolution accelerates. 

In fact, if we can inhabit our highest selves with full feeling, it may only take hours or days for us to completely evolve into this version of ourselves. While we see practice as a long and arduous thing, the more expert our attempts the less time and practice it takes to get there. The more clearly we’ve told the universe who we are, and the more we believe it is true right now in the present moment, the quicker the manifestation. 

Now we return to our real lives. Knowing that it is our most dominant state that gets us where we want to go, we don’t let the moments when we falter to truly derail us. We greet challenges as opportunities to practice embodying our highest selves in the present moment. 

We encounter a challenging person and we meet them with divine love. We see their divine light also and recall that neither of us as the summation of our human flaws at all. 

We have that day where nothing appears easy and nothing goes according to our plan and we meet it with the hundred-year peace that took us only seconds to command. We imagine our fully evolved selves standing in our place both flying above the chaos of real life while fully commanding it with impenetrable peace. 

We are dealing with uncertainty…. Job change, relationship change, moving or a major life decision. We no longer fear. We embody our new selves and are completely filled with faith and comfort knowing the universe has our best in mind. 

For me, removing the struggle between me and my flawed self (guilt, berating myself) from the equation by imagining I’m inhabiting my divine self every time I face a very human disruption, has brought my bliss practice to a new level and expanded my bliss space, which I consider to be the amount of time I can remain in my enlightened space. 

Enjoy discovering your divine being by deciding who and what she is. Take a little time to practice being her and all else will fall into place. If it feels complicated or you have trouble accessing your bliss self, stick to love. Feel it, feed it, grow it and let it be what greets all that you meet in this very crazy real world. 

Love and light to you for a blissed day. ✨✨✨

morning mantras

My morning affirmations:

  • I am choosing love in all my actions & relationships.
  • I am sharing peace with myself and others.
  • I am extending compassion to myself and others.
  • I am nourishing my energy, ensuring its positive and kind.
  • I am sure that the universe supports me in all areas of my life.
  • I am filled with the belief that my thoughts create my life. I choose them consciously.

May your day be filled with greatness. ✨💕

powerful tools to balance your mind

Over a year ago, I read an amazing book called “The Mood Cure” by Julia Ross. Whenever I begin to stray from the advice I learned in the book, I always regret it. The basic principle is that what we think is our personality, most of the things that follow “I am” is actually not a static, ingrained or inherited thing, at least not entirely. 

As she clearly lays out in the survey on her site, certain fears, sensitivities, habits and motivations are dictated by four brain chemicals: serotonin, GABA, norepinephrine and low endorphins. In her books, she sets out high protein diet suggestions, and primarily amino acid supplements to balance out deficiencies. 

When I first took the survey, I scored high scores in all categories. And, when I forget or choose to stop taking one or more of the supplements, I feel symptoms creep back in. 

For more than a decade I have meditated daily, practiced mindfulness and turned my natural panicked mind into a much more positive and faith-filled one. 

But I still need the brain-balancing support of amino acids. And, I much prefer the natural path. 


According to Ms. Ross, low serotonin symptoms include but are not limited to: fear of crowds, flying , heights, public speaking; inflexible, irritable, impatient; pessimistic, anxious; fibromyalgia, SAD.

Serotonin supplements include: 5-htp, tryptophan, St. John’s Wort or Sam-e.

Under GABA, symptoms include but are not limited to: tense, uptight, trouble falling asleep, pressured, overwhelmed; sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, easily frustrated.

GABA is a useful supplement for this category. There are many opinions on its efficacy. I find it works. Some people, including me, have a strong reaction to too much of it at one time. It is quite extreme and includes not being able to catch my breath for at least 30-45 seconds. If you try it, start under 500 mg. 

You may also want to try other amino acids like taurine and glycine instead. There are clearly herbal options too such as chamomile, lemon balm or passionflower. 


These symptom have mostly to do with feeling blah, apathetic and unmotivated, a lack of adequate dopamine (low cats). More than this, low “cats” mean you have trouble focusing and finding energy. Some symptoms are: low motivation, trouble focusing, concentrating, depressed in a flat & apathetic way. 

Supplements include: tyrosine and dlpa. She also suggests herbals to raise cats and get your brain going. They include pycnogenol and grape seed extract. 

Low Endorphins

This equates not only to physical pain, but also emotional pain. If you’ve been called sensitive, have a hard tme getting over emotional hurt, and tend to cry at lots of things from commercials to emotional slights, this isn’t your fault. You likely have a low endorphin level. It’s like we are missing the ability to comfort ourselves without this  tool. But there are options.

If you are interested in this path of mental balance, check out the survey and look into her ebook. The survey is a great first step to understand what you may need to balance. Feel free to ask me questions about it, but remember I’m not a doctor. 😉 I believe we have a great power to self-heal in many ways, but ensure you look to your intuition, legit web sources and medical resources as needed. 

For me this was a key step on my journey to peace of mind and body, engaged relationships and increased productivity. I hope it is for you too. 💕

how to save yourself from the destructive pull of negative vibes

When I lose focus on the practices that have gotten me to the greatest personal space I’ve ever been in, the same things happen each time. First, I lose faith in myself and then I lose faith in everything. 😉 The slide from bliss to ordinary is triggered each time by the same three things: 

  1. too little gratitude
  2. too much venting 
  3. & too much unfiltered media

Now that I recognize the pattern, it is much easier to reign in before I careen off track. Here’s what I mean, followed by three ways to avoid the pitfalls. 

When my gratitude becomes inauthentic & rote, I am not filled up with any feelings of gratitude. And it isn’t what we say or think that truly has the energetic power to manifest more goodness in our lives, it’s what we feel. We need to ooze peace, happiness and thankfulness. So when I’m not doing that, and I get caught up in talking too long about what I haven’t gotten done and what is annoying me to no end, my energy begins swirling in the wrong direction. Add the temptation not to be worldly or aware, but rather to feed my “things aren’t right” feelings with mega media and I’m little mini-tornado wrecking my day… 

So how do we stop whatever creates our own vortex of negative energy?

  1. Check your energy.
  2. Reinvigorate your thankfulness practice.
  3. Connect with the moment, anytime, anywhere, by checking in with your five senses.
  4. Feed yourself only positive vibes.

Our feelings are our greatest creative tools. They impact our day and the people in it. Taking little moments to recharge creates simple practice for lasting and life-changing habits. 

Shine on, goddesses.