Hi, I’m Liz.

I, like all of us, have been through my fair share of events that could have either broken me or taught me immensely valuable lessons. It has always been my choice. Time and time again, when I wanted to blame someone or something else, when I wanted to quit and complain, I chose to learn, to research, to meditate and to love and give thanks for this life even more.

Between a flood, six moves in six years, a miscarriage, plenty of IVF, my only child needing to be resuscitated at birth, a near-end to my marriage that took two years to climb out of, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic health & pain issues, postpartum depression (to the point of suicidal thoughts), etc., etc. I have journeyed to a place of deep gratitude, self-love, inner peace & strength.

I have discovered a myriad of spiritual, mental, health & wellness strategies to manage ongoing health and life challenges, both minor and major.

While I believe with all know what is best for us, I also know positive resources help us take steps that bring us closer to a complete understanding as to why we are here and how we can live our life to the fullest extent possible, not only as friends, parents, employees, etc., but as spiritual beings here to reflect our inner light in order to uplift ourselves and others.

You have infinite intelligence within you. Your inner voice is a gift from the source that created us all. As you gather information to support your own well-being journey, always trust yourself. You will know what rings true for you and what doesn’t quite fit.

As you explore the health and wellness info on this site, please know I am not in any way a health professional. I am sharing what I find fascinating and what has helped me. While I have spent hundreds of hours over at least a decade perusing research studies, I do not know what is best for you. I ask that you consider your sources, check every decision through your own extensive research, considering toxicity, side effects, contraindications & the advice of your very intelligent medical professionals.

I spent too much time feeling I didn’t have the credibility to share the things that I do and will share on this site. I have come to realize that this is what I am meant to be doing. I don’t know everything. I am not an expert in much of anything, in fact. ;) Yet, we all have gifts to share, gifts that help us support each other towards our individual and collective wellbeing. Writing and researching is my gift. I hope I am using it wisely and that it is of some benefit to you.

Light & love,