shopping with a conscience 

I am offering toxin-free natural and organic products through two great companies, Beautycounter and Neal’s Yard Remedies (UK brand). 

Beautycounter offers skin & body care products for women, men, kids & babies, including cleansers, shampoo, conditioner, natural sunscreen, makeup, etc. The main reason this vibes so much with me is that the company’s founders are actively pursuing greater regulations to ban toxic ingredients in beauty and personal care products. They have excluded 150 harmful ingredients from their products and the products are still effective and indulgent. Check them out here

Neal’s Yard Remedies, a U.K. brand, has an extensive line of really awesome skincare for women and men, but they also offer aromatherapy/ essential oils and supplements. They don’t test products on animals, have environmentally kind packaging, and use many organic and wild ingredients. Because the EU has banned way more harmful ingredients in products than the US, the “natural” claim is legit. They sell kits with travel-sized products making their stuff easy to try and gift. 🙂 

Feel free to follow my Soul Simple Beauty page on Facebook, or catch my Soul Simple Instagram feed @soulsimpleblog which is full of encouraging stuff, with a little sales thrown in. Let me know if you have product questions or want to sign up to sell and get a discount. 🙂 

I feel like this whole approach to having your own little business has grown tons since the old candle parties way back when, and I am excited to represent such consciously and value-driven companies.

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