winter’s coming….

In my house, two out of three of us have been fighting lots of bugs lately. The third one of us is an avid vitamin C consumer. Avid. Daily. 

You get it. 😉

Here’s the latest scoop on vitamins C & D for colds & flus. 

Vitamin D3 – the 3 is key 😉 – helps prevent you from catching a cold or flu.

Vitamin C lessens the length of your illness.

Both of these also help prevent different cancers. Vitamin D also helps prevent heart disease, type two diabetes & depression of course. Both C&D increase dopamine, the motivation part of anti-depressant, and D also boosts serotonin helping depression and improving sleep.

So, we know I’m not a doctor, and you are your best researcher, too. The safest fairly high dose for both is 2000 IU, but read up reliable sources and you may decide you feel comfortable having more, especially when it comes to vitamin D deficiency. 

Just like we need vitamin C & D3 to withstand winter’s ups & downs, our skin needs a little love too.

Cold weather bringing your skin down? Try out Neal’s Yard Remedies nourishing orange flower collection. 🍊

Soothing skincare, plus about 2000 IU of C & D a day, and this could be our healthiest cold & flu winter yet. 😉 

If you know anyone who likes natural products, spread the word about NYR!  

#nyrorganic #skincare #naturalskincare #organic #selflove 💕

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