cold & flu season = oil of oregano time

I’ve used oil of oregano on & off for at least five years. It’s an amazing antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, stomach helping, allergy reducing oil. Studies have actually shown it to be as effective as prescription antibiotics without the negative impact on your stomach or the beneficial probiotics in your gut. In fact, instead of killing probiotics, oil of oregano actually augments the proliferation of helping gut flora. 

Oil of oregano has two very effective components in it, carvacol and thymol. They are considered extreme potent so research and caution are important. The doTerra website has a great run down on usage and caution when using oregano essential oil

Personally, I have used oil of oregano internally via purchased capsules such as Gaia or putting the oil into an empty capsule. I have also take it in some water to help candida thrush. 

The usual reminder that I’m not a doctor, so read reliable sources and make informed choices. With that said, oil of oregano is definitely a great cold and flu fighter. 

Here’s to a healthy flu season! 

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