listen to yourself

I did a total mom thing at the end of last week and of course it jumped up and hit me today, a not-so-gentle reminder to look within and not out there for answers.

My sweet girl was getting sick. We do a lot. And we do too much at times. We miss sleep, get super tired and end up crashing with the sickies. 

Now that I think on it, I did two total mom things.

So when it was clear to me that she was getting run down, instead of trusting my intuition and keeping her home from school, I sent her anyway. Twice. 

It wasn’t that I sent her that was the mistake, it’s why I sent her that had me shaking my head at myself a few days later. 

I didn’t send her to school fussy because I didn’t know it meant she was getting sick. I didn’t send her because I had a lot of work today. No important meeting or big deadline. I actually sent her because I thought about how few times her friends had been out sick, how I’d seen other parents send their children to school looking tired and runny-nosed. 

In my half-assed attempt to compare, of course I never compared her busy schedule, lost sleep and extra fun. I simply compared a perception of what the other families were doing. 

On top of that, we had packed tons of fun into the previous weeks mostly because when we do a lot we do A LOT, but also because I was actually comparing once more. I saw people we knew who looked like they were doing a ton and their children seemed fine, hadn’t missed school from what I could tell and didn’t seem to be melting down in the least.

Blah, blah, blah.

So when all signs pointed to sick on Thursday & Friday, I compared, we felt short, so I ignore my instinct to keep her home and sent her to school anyway. 

Sunday came, the day before the school Halloween parade & carnival, and my daughter came down with the biggest cold she’d had in years. And, I’d been subconsciously trying to keep up by over-scheduling and ignoring my tried and true mommy instincts to keep her home *before* she got super sick. 

Clearly I’d forgotten to honor my daughter and myself. I’d pushed her and raised expectations when clearly what she needed was comfort & rest. And, I had decided I was falling short of some fake mommy standard I’d created in my head. 

So all of this self-reflection is meant to give you the moral of the story before you make the mistakes I did. So:

1. Do what’s best for you and not what works for some made-up super family that doesn’t even exist. 

2. Don’t look outside for answers when you have all the wisdom within and the tool to access it, your intuition.

Here’s your reminder. Your welcome. 😉 ✨✨✨

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