using the power of visualization to realize your goal

naturalness? what’s that??

I love Wayne Dyer. I have for years. He’s my perfect guru and my connection to universal creative energy. 

In one of his awesome books, he talks about the concept of “naturalness,” meaning our dreams manifest when we believe & feel, and the dream feels natural. 

The process of turning dreams into reality pro idea the opportunity to clear all obstacles to success, doubts, biases, fears. If you imagine living your goal now, if you envision the reality of it and feel blocked from the goal feeling natural, you have an opportunity to clear another obstacle.

I don’t really believe that we need to bring up, hash out & resolve all our areas of resistance, doubt and fears. Unless it’s really huge, when we experience a feeling like our goal is hard to believe, all we really need to do is make time to cultivate naturalness.

So how do we cultivate naturalness? Here are some ideas:

Visualize it. Take time at least once or twice a day to meditate on your goals. Setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier creates time before your busy day, bedtime is an amazingly useful time to cultivate the naturalness of your goals. Stating your goal is great, but we are seeking the emotions that having your goal brings. So steer away from wanting or wishing and feel the confidence, happiness, knowingness, the belief you are already what you seek. Meditating on and visual and emotional image of how it will be when your goal is achieved not only helps to stay focused, it helps you see the opportunities that will get you where you want to be. 

Push through doubt. The more you switch a doubt to a faithful affirmation that your dream is a reality, the sooner you will create a habit of believing in the naturalness of your goal. What in your life do you believe is true without a doubt? Believe you are a great friend? That belief evolved through concrete examples and became a fact in your mind, a fact you no longer question. Now, we are speeding up the process and believing based on imagined evidence, but with work this practice will feel true and become your reality. Be your own cheerleader and friend. Encourage and affirm. All day. Every day.

Feel joy. The biggest part of creating and attracting your goal without frantically chasing it is joy. Have fun. It keeps you relaxed and happy. And increases feelings of love. This energy is super useful and effective. 

Take action. Sometimes the biggest obstacle we have to feeling the feelings of being there already is that we haven’t even begun. Don’t wait for the perfect plan, strategy or time. Begin. Once you start, it’s easier to feel the final destination is a reality. We can learn as we go, implement new strategies anytime. Once we begin, our imagination has more to work with.

Take time to practice feeling your goal as a present fact until it feels natural. The more often you practice and the sooner you connect with the feelings surrounding what you seek, the sooner you will make it your happy present. ✨✨✨

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