and now, a shop :) 

I’ve taken the plunge to begin working for myself. For a very long time, I have put positive and uplifting graphics and posts on FB, IG & my blog. I have done it because I am passionate about the power of love, kindness & connection to change lives and uplift our world, a world that could use quite the hug lately. I have always felt odd about the for profit idea, one that comes way more naturally to the bold millennials who have inspired me.

While I also plan to generate enough blog traffic to host advertising, produce an ebook, and become a self-published and published author, I am offering organic skincare, aromatherapy and supplements because it is so completely consistent with my dozen-year passion for organics, alternative medicine & self-care. I have been researching and using supplements & oils for more than a decade as a complement to my daily meditation, gratitude, happiness-cultivating & kindness practices. 

So far my blog has been a loving expression of my complete faith in positive psychology and our power to energetically create the outcome of our lives. Missing has been my ability share my passion for health & wellness options that seem outside of current mainstream medicine. I have been reluctant to share these things because I am not a doctor or any kind of trained practitioner. But, I realize that my passion to uplift would be under-explored without sharing my other knowledge & experience. I will explore health & wellness more on my blog, and have chosen products I believe support my values and faith in alternative healing. 

In the next week or so, I am switching blog platforms and fleshing out how to integrate my business, and its inherent business opportunities, into my site. But in the meantime, I am moving forward with my “announcement.” I am offering Neal’s Yard Remedies, natural and organic health and beauty products, including organic skincare plus supplements & aromatherapy, as well as doTerra because of my firm belief in the power of aromatherapy and my personal, incessant use of oils, both externally and internally. 

Check out the links via the new Shop tab,

Wish me luck. 🙂 ✨✨✨

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