3 things about fear

Fear, and it’s first cousin doubt, waste a lot of our time. The can block us from beginning something new, delay growth and create anxiety. Obviously I’m not talking about fear as a result of an actual threat here. I’m talking the mind-trick kind of fear. Here are three facts about fear:

1. Fear is simply resistance to change. It isn’t a judgement on whether the change is good or bad. With that said, the bigger the change, likely, the greater the fear.

2. While it’s accompanied by nervous tummies, sweaty palms or even extra adrenaline, fear is no greater an emotion than any other. Meaning, although it likes to act important, it really isn’t. It’s carries as much weight as love and happiness and no more.

3. Fear is energy. Imagine if we didn’t attach any meaning to fear. It would simply be an energetic state like excitement or joy. If we clue into the energy and out of the thoughts or importance we place on fear, we might realize it isn’t as show-stopping as it seems.

Coming soon, what to do when fears take over. In the meantime, imagine what your life would look and feel like without fear. Pretty nice, huh? ✨✨✨ 

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