how to be spiritual & successful at the same time

Though learning how to live in the real world while maintaining a bliss state takes time to master, being assertive, successful and/or ambitious isn’t incongruent with living a spiritual life. We just need to apply some spiritual guidelines to real life practices. 

Here are some guidelines while we assert our boundaries & attain our goals:

  1. There is enough for everyone. 
  2. We can reach success while supporting others. 
  3. If we speak kindly and respectfully while considering the feelings and opinions of others, we can still voice our needs. We should always consider compromise. 
  4. Our needs are equally important. We don’t always have to put others first. 
  5. If our goals are consistent with our highest self and don’t infringe on the happiness of others, we may proceed. 
  6. When possible, we should seek to support & uplift others on their path. 

Reality and a mindful state can coexist with practice. Feel confident that you are worthy of all you seek. ✨✨

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