how to save yourself from the destructive pull of negative vibes

When I lose focus on the practices that have gotten me to the greatest personal space I’ve ever been in, the same things happen each time. First, I lose faith in myself and then I lose faith in everything. šŸ˜‰ The slide from bliss to ordinary is triggered each time by the same three things: 

  1. too little gratitude
  2. too much venting 
  3. & too much unfiltered media

Now that I recognize the pattern, it is much easier to reign in before I careen off track. Here’s what I mean, followed by three ways to avoid the pitfalls. 

When my gratitude becomes inauthentic & rote, I am not filled up with any feelings of gratitude. And it isn’t what we say or think that truly has the energetic power to manifest more goodness in our lives, it’s what we feel. We need to ooze peace, happiness and thankfulness. So when I’m not doing that, and I get caught up in talking too long about what I haven’t gotten done and what is annoying me to no end, my energy begins swirling in the wrong direction. Add the temptation not to be worldly or aware, but rather to feed my “things aren’t right” feelings with mega media and I’m little mini-tornado wrecking my day… 

So how do we stop whatever creates our own vortex of negative energy?

  1. Check your energy.
  2. Reinvigorate your thankfulness practice.
  3. Connect with the moment, anytime, anywhere, by checking in with your five senses.
  4. Feed yourself only positive vibes.

Our feelings are our greatest creative tools. They impact our day and the people in it. Taking little moments to recharge creates simple practice for lasting and life-changing habits. 

Shine on, goddesses.

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