the key to positive change

Acceptance is a hard thing sometimes… most times. 😉 How do we accept something we don’t like, like loss or broken hearts? How do we accept health challenges or body pain when deep down our infinite wisdom is telling us this isn’t right and we deserve to be well, too? 

There’s a trick. There’s a trick to accepting even the things you hate the most. 

But first why? Why should we challenge ourselves to accept our present condition like we’d actually chosen it? Why does this matter so much?

First, without acceptance we can’t move forward. Plain and simply. And, the longer we fight acceptance, the longer it will take to grieve and heal, whether in a big or small way. 

Second, until we accept what is, our heads and hearts won’t be clear. Without a clear head, we really can’t make any trustworthy decisions. 

So here’s the key. When we fully accept things exactly the way they are, they immediately change. Even more than that, most often, when we accept them fully, they change into what we wanted anyway. Worst case? Our acceptance frees us to move on and it frees us up for whatever comes next. 

So the trick is, accept it knowing that it will work to your advantage, that it’s your act of acceptance that brings you closer to what you want. 
The next time you are resisting something you can’t seem to change, try this:

  1. Try to accept something you are resisting (and remind yourself that you don’t actually have to accept it for real – a little reverse psychology. 😉
  2. Create a mantra to fill your mind when the topic comes up, like I fully accept X exactly the way it is in this moment. (And no other moments. 😉
  3. Offer complete acceptance to the universe knowing that you aren’t saying you like what’s going on or agree with it, but that you aren’t accepting things to neutralize the energy that’s holding you back. 

If we want to change things, we have to neutralize our resistance through acceptance. Only thru acceptance can a lasting & constructive change take place.

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