the one thing that’s in the way of you & your dream life and how to fix it

Things are so much harder when we don’t believe in ourselves fully. Doubt is so destructive,. Self-doubt? Debilitating. 

We all know we need to be confident, but, when we aren’t, how do we fix it? 
Do you have an area of your life where you feel totally in command, a place where experience has taught you you are invincible? 

What about an area where it seems like everything falls apart, a place where experience has lead you to do believe you can’t possibly succeed? 

What if you could be in complete command of that thing too? 

You can. 

Been unlucky in love? Tell yourself you have nothing but happy, loving, respectful, exciting relationships. 

Don’t believe it? 

That is where your work begins. 

⭐️ Take the top thing on your wish list and either think about or write about EXACTLY what you want. Explore and define all the details. This is your vision. You want it to be crystal clear.

⭐️ Once it’s defined, recite it to yourself a few times. Notice which parts of it you resist and then explore what’s behind that resistance. Spend a set amount of time working through what’s holding you back. We’re not looking to ruminate, but rather to identify the block and let or awareness dissolve it. 

Here’s what I mean. If you have a financial block and are conditioned to feel like you always run out of money, but behind that you feel guilt because you had a lot of money but wasted it, that’s useful information. Yet staying in that guilt space over money only means that energetically you will create more experiences to match that feeling. 

⭐️ So THIS is where most people get stuck. They feel bad about past mistakes, guilty over past hurt, etc. 
The most important part of this process is moving on after 30 minutes, two days or a week. Create a ritual through which you throw away an old habit or honor yourself with the gift of forgiveness. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Crazy, I know, but effective. 😉 

So after you identify, process and then move on, you are now ready to create, create the imagined thing and manifest it into your reality. 

⭐️ Now, go back to your vision. Memorize it. Associate whatever emotions you would have as if it were happening already. If you can’t easily attach to those feelings or calling them up gets complicated, stick to love. Love is the purest and most powerful way to create anything in your life. 

⭐️ Meditation is a powerful place to create, but we don’t always have blocks of time for it. When you know your vision by heart and can easily connect feelings to the reality of your wish, access it anytime, anywhere, the more often the better. 

You can do this with anything. My daughter and I like to do it for parking spots. I recently did it t extend my lease so we didn’t have to pack up and move. 

While living in Atlanta, I spent half my time appreciating what I had, and the other half visualizing a reality where I was living in California. In my mind I was saying goodbye to places and people, and felt excited about the move. In two weeks, my hubby got a call with a job offer in California. Not a coincidence. 

The key is to know without a doubt that this will absolutely work for any and all things in your life. Usually the bigger the dream, the harder it is to believe in the process, but that is exactly when you need it the most. 

Happy creating! 

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