some thoughts on doubt

You are already enough. You have divine wisdom as your guide & the Universe at you side. And with all of that, today has to be your day.đź’• |
My husband and I are becoming foster parents. We have a few months invested in the process so far, and the waves of doubt are increasing instead of decreasing. But, after 4 out-of-state moves in 8 years, 4 fertility cycles & a miscarriage, a failed marriage that took two years to rebuild into something amazing (all while my hubby travelled weekly for years), I finally know what to do. 

1. Starve your doubts. Learn how to let them live without giving the the fear they crave. 

2. Don’t fight the feelings. Let them come and go, all while reminding yourself everything will be okay. 

3. Make decisions not from a place of fear and doubt, but from a more objective space. Deciding something out of false or temporary emotions will only lead to regret. 

Xo, Liz ✨💕

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