how to change your world

We experience the world through our senses. We rarely believe in things we don’t touch, see or hear. Yet, if we have a belief in a higher power, or even a belief in feelings, we know there is a world beyond the senses, beyond the objective. We don’t actually see happiness, but we see the manifestations of it. We feel both the happiness that is seen and unseen.

If you are living in a sense-affirmed world that isn’t at all what you want, a world I spent years struggling in, take heart, there is a way to change all of that. You can begin changing it by seeing – and, most importantly, feeling – what you want instead of what is. 

For me, when it was hard to untangle my reality and stop ruminating on what I didn’t like, I began with a more general reworking of my world. I didn’t know how to fake feeling happy about a failing marriage, postpartum depression and the loneliness of another out-of-state move, but I began writing a list of anything I could believe in.

I developed a set of assumptions about the world I wanted to be a part of where everyone was kind and appreciative, respectful, balanced and happy, and where families were authentically happy, fun & loving. Over time, as I took comfort it a world that wasn’t my current reality, it became my reality. And now as I look around our world and all its tragedy, I can keep faith in its goodness. 

Here are the guiding principles of my world:

I am surrounded my kindness. 

I am love, I attract love and see acts of love all around me.

I treat everyone respectfully no matter how I am treated. The more I do this the more I receive respect. 

I am grateful for all I have and thankful for the people in my life.

I view obstacles as gifts… every.single.time.

I express appreciation to everyone I encounter. 

I spread love by smiling at strangers.

Instead of just striving to express love, I am love. 

Instead of merely sharing thanks, I am gratitude. 

I live free from struggle. 

I know my worth.

Everyone has access to the same infinite supply of love, kindness, happiness & wealth. 

If the sky is falling in some area of your life, and I hope it isn’t, may you draw comfort from these mantras and take time to create a world in feeling that you wish to manifest in your reality.

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