the practice of happiness 

It’s hard to feel good when you feel bad. It’s not easy to keep from venting when you had a really cruddy day. It almost seems inhuman or like a lie to say you feel well when your throat is so sore you can hardly speak. The discipline of happiness, a real happiness that you can manifest your dreams from, is truly a practice. 
We practice yoga, train for that half-marathon, prepare for a new baby or go back to school to study for a new career, but how much do we train our minds for peace throughout all of life’s demands? How many days go by without a clear vision or intent to experience completeness? There is no when I get that job or that relationship or finally end the fertility saga and have that baby that will make anything but a temporary happiness. In fact, the pressure we end up putting on externals to complete us means inevitably they won’t live up to our lofty expectations. The lasting stuff that transcends external situations? That, well, it takes discipline. 
If we were able to put as much time into our energetic space as we put into our jobs or families, we might progress faster, but then thing about euphoric living is that it has to work within real life. If we create enough space in our lives, clear out enough toxic people, leave this boss and get a less demanding job, even separate from a significant other, we are living in what alive come to think of as “The Bachelor” syndrome. Anyone can fall is love with hours of free time to do whatever you want, no one to be in conflict with, but then we’d be alone and probably not living up to our own goals. To get a vacation state of mind all the time, we gotta practice. 
Practice what? Practice happiness. Know how to maintain all kinds of relationships without getting drained by them. Apply a self-love and self-compassion that doesn’t take a seven-day juice fast, a spa day or a girl’s weekend. Yes we’d like that too but practical, quick, easily integrated skills to keep our happiness 90% of the day? Now that would really be useful, wouldn’t it? 
So how do we do it? How do we train for happiness? How do we practice flow so well that we can manifest things in our lives quickly and easily? 
Here’s a start:

  1. You Get What You Are: Your first job is always you. I know this job is never actually complete, but without it some momentum, all you will see in your life is more of what you already have. Your life is a reflection of your self-love. Your self-love is the only way to access true love and compassion for others. Without clearing out all your insecurity, guilt, jealousies and disparaging thoughts. So when the mind gunk comes up, talk to it, bathe it in love, put wings on it and send it on its way. That’s what works for me. Ignoring it and re-centering yourself on a positive, loving works really well too. With practice, you will find what works best for you. Keep at it. The more you adore you, the easier everything else will be.
  2. Stop Venting: If we want more happiness, why would we focus on what’s frustrating us? If we want more positive relationships, why would be complain about our kids or nitpick our friend’s everyone word? It doesn’t make much sense, does it? The more we vent, the more we send out negative vibes for the universe to reflect back to us. Sure, sometimes we’ve got to get it out, but in this case, less is more.

I’ll continue practicing these right along with ya, and share more ideas very soon! 
And namaste to the ever-inspiring, Wayne Dyer, whose gone on to serve on a much higher plane. Sharing his wisdom and how I’ve used it in my life is a source of joy for me. 🙏🏻

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