Sleep your dreams into reality

While you sleep, your body works on healing. Spiritual gurus also believe your subconscious works on whatever your predominate energy and thoughts are when you fall asleep. 
If you think about it, the times that we are most in flow is when aren’t thinking so much. When we are in the present moment, we feel a joy and love that is powerfully creating more joy & love. 
So many of us are striving for flow in our everyday lives and sleep is a tool that makes our days smoother. When we sleep, our subconscious can work without our endlessly distracting thoughts. 
Try these steps to harness those restful hours to create a better day and sleep your dreams into reality:

  1. Clear your energy before your head hits the pillow. Journal, meditate, recite a mantra. Whatever helps you tune into positive energy to take with you into sleep. According to Wayne Dyer, and many others I’m sure, love, the all-encompassing, unconditional kind, is the most powerful manifesting energy there is. With practice, if you can invoke a sense of pure love anytime, anywhere, manifesting your dreams becomes a lot easier. 
  2. Review your vision, your absolute biggest dreams. Do this while oozing love. Practice feeling what you’d feel if that dream were already your reality. Anything that exists was first imagined. If you invoke a sense that what you’ve commanded is already in your reality, you will take more actions to support its “real-ness” and the universe will match it.
  3. Sleep. And sleep. And sleep. 😉
  4. Wake up in gratitude and faith knowing that which you wish for is already yours. If we have faith in the universe, we have to assume that anything we need to make our dreams a reality will be presented to us when the moment is right.

That’s it. So go forth and sleep your wishes into your reality. 🙏🏻

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