create your best life 

I’m not spiritual in an organized religion kind of way, though I admire the power organized spiritual groups have to change their communities and our world. Until recently, I never could truly identify with faith. I believe in a greater power that hums through everything. But, knowing when to create for ourselves, and when to let go and submit to a higher power has often confused me. Recently, I had an “a ha!” moment that made me realize that faith is the key to simplifying this confusion and living out my goals.

We create our vision. We put forth the energy to draw that vision our way. But the “how”, that’s the work of the greater power. So many times we start making plans but get lost in wondering how we are going to get everything done. Or, we go about trying to learn what we don’t know. We think we have to know all and do all.

But we don’t. We set the intention and guiding energy (God, the universe, et al.) goes to work on our behalf as long as we stay focused on the vision and keep track of our vibe. The universe present us with the steps we need to take and the people we may need to fill in our knowledge gaps.

If we lose focus or our energy dips into doubt and the frustrations of not knowing, the guiding energy is being sent another vibe. Per Wayne Dyer in Wishes Fulfilled, the greater of the two vibes gets the universe’s attention. Balancing our vibe and making the positive energy the greater of the two intentions is our job.

Knowing when to take charge or let go comes down to knowing our roles and responsibilities and the universe’s. Here are some ideas to balance the “doing” with the “letting go”:

1. Your job: Focus on your goals. Put the energy of already having what you want behind your thoughts. Practice pure love by releasing the need to judge others. Extend compassion, love & gratitude to every single being.

2. The universe’s job: Stay awake to the messages. The universe will send you inspiration to get you closer to your dreams. It comes in any form from a person you’ve run into to an inspiring IG post.

When you have the impulse to read something new, reach out to someone or act, do it. If the action comes from a place that feels forced or like work, it isn’t right. If it feels excited or inspired, follow it. Yes, it may be tinged with a bit of doubt, but if you are in flow, you will move through the doubt easily and quickly.
3. Don’t try so hard: All your actions need to come from a clear space of happy loving energy. If you are forcing yourself or you feel you “should” or you “have to,” don’t. Take a few minutes to clear the negative energy and infuse yourself with light. Then, try again. If it still feels unnatural, stop. Wait for a more inspired, excited energy.

4. Guard your sacred space: The quickest way to derail your movement towards your goals is to get sidetracked by negative stuff. Whether it’s fear or doubt, or someone else’s opinions about your passion, you have to reject it. The super-amazing grandmother of self-help, Louise Hay suggests silently yelling “Out!” to every distracting thing that comes into your mind. Imagine locking the door to your private space.

Whatever visual cue or word you choose, use it as much as necessary and refocus on your loving feeling.

For me, the revelation to all of this was that there was no mountain I needed to climb to start living in a way that I love and creating a life worthy of me. With the whole universe & God by your side, you don’t need all the answers. You simply need to begin, maintain your sacred space within & ask for your dreams. Then listen for guidance. You, just as much as anyone, deserve to live your greatest life.

Next up, I will chat about worthiness, another way we hinder ourselves from embracing our calling and living a bliss-filled life.

light & love 🙏🏻💕

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