how to tune in to your dreams


I’m analytical. So absolutely analytical. I plan, too. I dissect flawed experiences so that I can retrain myself to do things in a new way. I always thought it was a good path because my goal was self-improvement.

But then it all got so tiring.

All that time spent rehashing was taking energy away from actually living, let alone achieving my goals. One problem remained, I still didn’t know what to do instead.

Then one day, I started doing something hugely different. And, it worked.

Here’s what I started doing when facing adversity, either small or big:

  1. spend time getting clear about what you want. you can start with anything, small things (I.e., an awesome parking spot at the grocery store) or your biggest dream.
  2. focus on it a minimum of twice each day, especially before bed.
  3. cultivate a feeling of pure love. when you feel negative emotions as you go through your day, switch to extending love & gratitude to everyone you encounter.
  4. set a cue to access your bliss by doing something subtle like touching two fingers together or putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth or whatever feelings perfect to you.

Trying to cue a peaceful feeling when faced with adversity might feel funny at first, or ineffectual. It takes practice. If you have trouble accessing your bliss space, think of a person or experience that filled you up completely.

I meditate & do yoga. When I put my hands together at heart center or sit in and form of crisscross applesauce ;), I feel bliss. When we’re inundated with life looking to distract us from our pure energy, sometime wrestling with our thoughts is futile. If you set a trigger while feeling blissed in, it will be easier to shift your energy faster.

We run into so many situations each day that attempt to change our focus onto to frustrating things, so there is plenty of time to practice. And a bunch of times you’ll forget what to do and end up off on an emotional tangent. It’s ok. Just try again when you remember, & soon you will feel in tune with the universe and living your vision all the time. ⭐️💕

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