ready, set, refocus


Days can disappear like that with almost everything still left on the “to do” list. Sometimes, in the morning, I find myself saying, “this day is not going as planned” when the day hasn’t even happened yet. The good news is, each day we have a chance to begin again. And, even after setting our intention for the day, we can restart & reset it at any point. Day not going as planned? Take a second to refocus on your goals. There’s still time to reach them.


friendly reminder 


People don’t belong on pedestals. They’re for inanimate things. Let’s not put our quest for perfection on someone else’s shoulders. They aren’t perfect & we don’t have to be perfect either. We’re all talented, smart, kind, fun, friendly, thoughtful & creative and not one of us is better or worse than the other. We’re all infinitely wise & always growing. So let’s get those perfect moms, perfect yogis, perfect friends & all those other “perfect” things off their high horses and down here with the rest of us.